Why Use a Major Arcana Only Deck?

I’ve been reading Tarot for over 30 years using an assortment of 78 or 79 card Tarot decks. When Gordana Curgus and I created the Tarot of Empowerment Major Arcana deck I assumed I would read with it until we finished the Minor Arcana. However, since using this deck I have found that the readings are more powerful and straight-forward than any other Major/Minor deck I’ve used – and others have reported their readings are also right on every time.

Here’s how to do an empowered reading no matter if you’re an expert or a novice. For most readings, limit the number of cards to about seven.

1. Be clear about the information you want the cards to tell you. A question tells you the framework to which the cards are responding. Form a question that helps you create a plan of action. Knowing what to do is empowering.

2. Assign the purpose to each card in relation to the question. For example, the theme of the reading, the best course of action, the challenge, my true desires, etc.

3. Interpret each card in the context of your question and the purpose you have assigned to the card.

In a Major Arcana reading EVERY card is significant.

What Questions do My Readings Address?

I was recently asked if I use Tarot only to tell the future. Well, no. That would be a fortune teller and I am an Empowerment Coach.

Here’s the difference: a fortune teller would have you believe that the cards can tell the future and you have no control over the outcome. An Empowerment Coach explains what cards mean and then provides you with new perspectives and suggestions for how to address the issues.

These are some of the questions clients have asked me to address in the last week:

How do I move forward to bring success to a major work project?
In a challenging relationship what is important for me NOT to say and what is the best thing for me to say to be heard.
What are the best steps for me to take to get funding for my project?
What is blocking the success of my business and how do I address the block in order to move forward.
What to is the best way for me to optimize my physical, emotional and spiritual self in the next 4 months and how do I do that?
How do I support my daughter at this time?

Always remember, you can make choices to get through any situation. Very often a new perspective will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. The information may not always be what you want to hear, but you will be empowered to make decisions that give you in control of your life the situation.


An End Of Year Reading

This is a reflective reading for the end of the year. You are welcome to use this Tarot spread to review your year.

What card represents me in the past year? Advisor – I have seen an increase in coaching clients in 2021.

How was that energy articulated in the past year? High Priestess – My coaching comes through my spiritual practice.

What is it time to release before the new year? Sustenance – It is time for me to step back from caring for others at the expense of self-care.

What was my greatest achievement this year? Chaos – I have adapted to the many changes in plans and expectations.

What is in my best interest to call into my life in the new year? Life Cycles – 2022 will be the time for me to release what no longer serves me to make room for the new.

Engage with your High Self with Tarot

Most of us have at least one area of our lives that we would like to change or at least adjust. What is yours?

You do not have to have a deck of cards for the following exercise. You can go to TarotofEmpowerment.com, free card draw, or choose your own Tarot or oracle deck.

Now, that you have identified the area of your life you want to bring into better alignment with your highest good, let’s ask the cards the best way to move forward. I am using the online Tarot of Empowerment deck and I’ll give you my interpretation of the reading below these instructions.

Call on your angels and guides to give the perfect reading:

1.      Pick a card that represents the next step to become better aligned with your highest good. (Entrapment, Devil)

2.      Choose a card that points to your best course of action to become better aligned with your highest good. (Unknown)

3.      What card represents the challenge for you to complete your best course of action? (Choice Lovers)

4.      Which card represents the energy for overcoming the challenge in order to be successful? (Introspection, Hermit)

5.      What is the card that represents what else your angels and guides want you to know. (Awakening, Judgement)

Click on the links for a full explanation of each.

Entrapment represents the energy for this person to make the change for her to become better aligned to her highest good. This means that she is stuck, but she will find the way out of the trap when she opens her mind and heart and commits to making a change.

The Unknown card represents the energy for her best course of action. This card means that the Universe is not ready to reveal her best course of action. She must first be willing to release what is holding her back from making the commitment to open her mind and heart.

In this reading, Choice is the card that represents her challenge to reveal her best course of action, the Unknown. Choice means that she can do things as she has before, or she can take a do things in a new way. These first three cards seem to be saying that she has not really made the commitment to make the changes she says she wants to make in order to change.

In order to overcome the challenge of Choice and the Unknown, her card is Introspection (Hermit). This card is telling her to explore what is really in her highest and best good, not the direction someone else tells her or she what thinks the community wants from her. When she goes within, she can trust that the truth will come to her.

Awakening, her final card, tells her that her angels and guides want her to know that after she goes deep into Introspection she will have a true AHA! moment and all will become clear to her.

Tarot: How Do I Support My Friend?

Here is a layout to answer the question, “How can I best support my friend during this challenging time?” Here are cards that I got in this sample reading.

Card 1 [What card describes the situation?] Chaos
Card 2 [What is my gift to give this person?] Determination
Card 3 [How do I give this gift?] Star
Card 4 [What do I NOT suggest to this person?] Advisor
Card 5 [What action may I suggest for him?] Temperance

The situation I did the reading for is certainly chaotic so this card is just right.

My gift to my friend, in this situation, is to help him focus and set out new goals based on the current situation.

The way to help my friend focus is by showing him the potential of who he is and what he is capable of achieving at the end of the chaos.

The cards tell me to NOT suggest he see a counselor at this time. He is still in the middle of emotional chaos and although counseling may seem appropriate, it is not right for him at this time.

What I can suggest to him is to wait until he finds his own equilibrium before getting more input from a counselor, which actually fits his circumstances perfectly.

This reading was different than what I thought I would do to help, and it gave me a different perspective and approach to the issue. I followed the suggestion in the reading which turned out to be very helpful for my friend.

Cards for November 11th Month (2019)


Know that everything is connected

Be aware, all actions have consequences

Act with balance, fairness and harmony

Lady Justice will always serve you in truth

When Justice comes up in a reading, it suggests that you are being called upon to make a decision to balance actions fairly and without prejudice according to the rules in play. It is time to be mindful that there are consequences to every deed.

You are empowered when you remember that the established rules affect the present, as the present rules will affect the future. Everyone must be following the same rules for decisions and outcomes to be fair.

Click here for more information about this card.


High Priestess


You have the knowing

Call on your intuition

Meditate on the true law of the Universe

As you sit on the seat of wisdom

The High Priestess represents the highest moral standard, which stands above the man made law. You connect to the High Priestess through your high self by engaging your intuition, meditation, dreams.

You are empowered as the High Priestess when you sit in the listen to the internal wisdom, listening and trusting your inner voice.

Click here for more information about this card.




Release old paradigms and patterns

Listen to your intuition

Choose freedom

Celebrate who you are and soar to your highest potential


Awakening often indicates a time of reaching a knowingness that is beyond those around you. This card is about listening to your higher self by using a combination of reasoning and intuition.

You are empowered to discard the old models and celebrate yourself as you move to the next stage in your life and ascend past the old and outdated self.

Click here for more information about this card.

How Tarot Works as a Tool of Empowerment

Tarot readers have different styles and objectives. In books and the movies Tarot is often depicted as a fortune telling device that reveals what the future has in store for the person. My problem with that kind of reading is that the person’s fate is out of her hands.  This can lead to resignation rather than action.

An empowered reading begins with formulating the right question.  A fortune telling question might be, “When will I find my soul mate?” What if the cards say in 5 years, or never, or next week?

A more empowering question might be, “What action is in my highest good to attract my soul mate?” This question gives the person alternative choices of actions to take responsibility for her own life.  Cards for this reading might include a theme, the best course of action, the challenge to doing the best course, and how to meet the challenge.

An even better question might be phrased as, “How can I bring contentment or joy into my life?” I person who finds joy in his or her own life will be more likely to attract a mate, or at least lead a more joyful life.

The question, “Should I quit my job?” would better be phrased, “What energy do I call to myself if I stay with my job or leave my job?” The layout for this question indicates what happens if the person stays with the job in comparison to leaving the job.

Pull a significator indicating the general current theme about you and work. Then, pull 3 cards about the energy you draw to yourself if you quit, and 3 cards to stay. This reading is usually pretty revealing. This is one of the few cases when I don’t assign a more detailed meaning for the 3 cards under each option.

Remember, the question is always about you, not what you want other people to do. Rather than, “How can I get my friend to lose weight?”, the question might become, “How do I best support my friend regarding her weight?” In this question there is less judgment.

My goal is that the person coming for a reading can look at options not previously considered, or to get clarity about the choices under consideration. The information offers options that may have been missed, opportunities or challenges that may come up, and areas of strength to call upon. The information received serves to enhance the ability to make decisions, not to diminish free will. The cards indicate how things stand at present and what is likely to influence the situation.

If you send me your question I will help you formulate it in a way that empowers you to take action.

New names for Traditional images

You’ll find several cards in the Major Arcana deck of Tarot of Empowerment have new names. A major reason I acquiesced to make a deck was because Gordana’s art so clearly reflected the essence of the cards as I saw them.

After Gordana created each card, I would use it to clarify readings. [Read more…]

The Major Arcana Punch

A traditional tarot deck has 78 cards, so why would a person only use 22 of those 78 cards?

There are two major reasons; 1) it’s a good way to learn the archetypes and the relationship of the numbers, 2) it’s a good way to answer the essence of a spiritual or long term questions.

The Major Arcana cards tell a story that represents the stages along the journey towards self-awareness. The energy of these cards in a reading has a more profound impact than do the minor arcana. The major arcana draw from the collective unconscious represented by the archetype. Using the Major Arcana gives your reading an extra punch.

You can see the significance of using only the major arcana with a simple 3 cards spread. Think of an unresolved significant issue in your life. Pull a card that represents

1.    You and the issue

2.    The obstacle in the way to solving the issue

3.    Your course of action to resolve the issue

When you only use the major each card is significant in a way that provides a depth of meaning beyond using both the major and minor arcana cards. There are some readers who only use the major arcana for every reading and there are several decks of only major arcana.

We are releasing a very limited number of major arcana Tarot of Empowerment decks at the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015. I am offering workshops on using only the major arcana cards this fall. Please email me for information.

Reading to Find Your Authentic Self

I have a friend/client who is investing her time and energy in building a jewelry business. She is taking webinars and learning how to be efficient with the many options for getting her products to market. In the course of her studies, she realized there are gaps in what she knows about her approach to business and what is her authentic business self. This is the layout I used to explore the idea.

1. What card best represents my authentic self at this time? 8 Fire, lightening rod

You are attracting a lot of energy around you, and your products are a way to connect with you. This is the time for prioritizing where your passions lie and what you want to put out into the world.

2. What energy do I call on to assist me to honor my authentic self? Magician

Once you prioritize everything, what is it you most want to do to make your living? You have the attention of people who like what you have to offer. Most likely, the people who already buy from you recognize that you have other talents and teachings to offer. What do you want to authentically produce? Your jewelry, your teachings or a combination of both?

3. What is in my best interest to remove from my energy? 10 Wind

You are at a crossroads in how you think about yourself in the world. In this position in the reading, the cards suggest you give up old ways of thinking. You are ready to move beyond your old patterns and ways of thinking.

4. What is my best course of action at this time? Wheel of Fortune

Understand that this is a time of change. Your course of action is to stay balanced in this time of change. Allow the wheel to turn. Some things will fall away, and that is okay.

Let’s look at how the cards relate to each other. We see that her clients are initiallly  attacted to her jewelry (fire). As they get to know her they become attracted to her ideas. Her jewelry is her tool to introduce the ideas.  She’s been hesitant to move forward in her teaching (10 Wind). If she authentically wants to become a teacher she has the Magician energy too manfest those desires. The Magician uses the elements to connect to her authentic self: fire, her true passion (teaching); earth, her security (make it pay); wind, her communication (ideas to teach); and water, the emotional ties she has with her clients (integrating the love her clients have for her jewelry to discovering what she has to teach them about life). Her best course of action is to move forward to the next step in her authentic life (Wheel of Fortune).