The Suit of Earth

The Earth suit represents the physical world. In a traditional deck this suit was most often called Pentacles, Coins or Discs.

Earth is about money, work and health. It relates to how we are and what we do in the world. Earth is about manifesting, caring for, or acquiring a physical thing or a physical state. Each Earth card in the suit relates, in some way, to our association with money, objects or health.

Remember to associate the placement of the card, and how the placement relates to the question, before you make an interpretation of the cards in a reading. For example, the 2 of Earth will have a different meaning in the place of best course of action, than in the place of outcome. As a best course of action card, the 2 of Earth suggests that the best thing for you to do (regarding your question) is to be balanced around your spending (or health) habits.

As an outcome card, the 2 of Earth indicates that you will achieve balance if you follow through by doing whatever the card in the place of best course of action suggests that you do. Interpreting the cards is telling the whole story around your question.

Tarot and Empowerment

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the earliest use of the term empowerment was used in 1648 as a legal term to bestow power and authority to a person, government or institution. In other words, the power was given to another.

An issue that sometimes arises with the word “empowerment” is that it contains the word “power”. Power often implies domination and control in a relationship of any kind, or in the social or political arena. In such relationships it’s difficult to take control and create change. When one is empowered, she holds the ability to take control over her own life and make decisions that can change her life.

In recent times the term empowerment has been so overused that it’s become almost a cliché and has lost meaning for a lot of people. Businesses, political and social organizations often make false promises about how employees or community members can become empowered to make their own decisions, only to snatch the power away with rules and hierarchical decision-making.

The Journal of Extension from Connecticut University People Empowering People defines empowerment as a multi-dimensional social process that helps people gain control over their own lives. It is a process that fosters power in people for use in their own lives, their communities and in their society, by acting on issues they define as important.

An article about empowerment by Judi Chamberlin of the National Empowerment Center identified the key elements of empowerment including access to information, ability to make choices, the ability to assert changes and the self-esteem, or self-worth to make it all happen.

How does Tarot relate to empowerment? The cards are a tool to help access information and new perspectives. Information from the cards reveal choices that are open to you and can identify the consequences of making those choices. A reading can reveal the energy you call to yourself according to the choices you make. The information and lessons from the cards can also help the querent work towards self-worth as she becomes accustomed to embracing her own power.

The cards themselves do not empower an individual, rather, it’s the willingness to explore the options, assess the information and take action.

Make sure that when you ask a question for the cards that you frame the question in a way that leads to empowerment. I like to ask questions that include a card for a best course of action, how to do the best course of action and what is most likely to get in the way of completing the best course of action.

If you asked a question and the Justice card came up in the spread in the place of the best course of action, it would indicate that you would be best served by looking at all aspects of the question and consider the consequences. Justice suggests using both your rational and intuitive abilities when considering the action.

If the Hanged One came up in the reading as the best course of action you would do well to get a different perspective about the issue.

4 Month Tarot Spread

Originally I created this as a year reading, but it seems more useful for 4 month reading and can even be adapted as a 4 week reading.  I’ve been using this reading since January and the feedback has been very positive. It may seem like a lot of information for 4 weeks but I’ve had clients in major crises that really need the detail and direction of this reading. [Read more…]

Tarot as a Tool to Sell Property

Feeling trapped or unsure about where to go or what to do next in selling your property or releasing an old relationship? We often get on a mental hamster wheel going over the same issues and options repeatedly until we end up feeling helpless and without options. Tarot is a great tool to give you new perspectives to clear the confusion.
Recently I did a reading for a woman who wanted to sell her house in an often overlooked area in her community. The realtor had an open house for her and had brought people for viewings but nothing was happening. The realtor seemed to [Read more…]

5 Reasons to have a Tarot Reading

1. Address business or personal questions. Tarot gives you new perspectives when you are caught in the hampster wheel of indecision.

2. Get insight into relationship issues. Learn to use the gifts you bring to your relationship. Tarot is an objective tool for understanding the best way for you to be in your relationship, or how to achieve your desire for a new relationship.

[Read more…]

Three Things to Get from a Tarot Reading

I’m often surprised when people tell me they are afraid of Tarot, “because I’ve had a reading and it was so accurate.”

What? Did you get a reading because you didn’t think it would be accurate or tell you something new?

I’ve come to realize that folks who are afraid of Tarot had a reading experience from someone who gave them information without context or what to do when an anticipated event comes to pass. [Read more…]

When is it time to leave?

I’m not sure what’s been in the air, but several recent Tarot readings I’ve done have been about leaving a relationship, job or residence.  Sometimes when we are releasing something, or someone, we feel that we are abandoning the situation or person.

It’s important to remember is that when we release something we are providing new opportunities for us and for others. It’s a good practice to call in beneficial energy to replace our energy in the situation. The beneficial  energy can actually serve the situation better than if we had stayed involved. [Read more…]

Tarot: Major Arcana Interpretations by Judyth Sult

The meaning of the card is determined by its position in the layout for the reading. The interpretation of a card in the position of Best Course of Action will be different from the same card in the position of hopes and fears. Before you interpret each card think about your question and then about the position of the card in the reading. Interpret the card with that position in mind. Click here for an interpretation of the card. [Read more…]

Tarot Transitions Layout

You may find this interesting even if you don’t read Tarot. [Read more…]

Why Have a Tarot Reading

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