Options For A 3 Card Spread

There are dozens of ways that you can pull cards for a 3 card spread. Just make sure that you define what the cards will represent before you pull them. Here are some examples of how to designate the cards in a 3 card spread:

    Mind Body Spirit

    You Me Us

    Past Now Future

In the spread pictured above, I asked how to best focus my energy on my mind, body and spirit in the next while.

  • Mind: Magician indicates that this is the time to consciously concentrate on the magic in my life. I call the Magician energy by talking to my angels and guides about what I want to manifest.
  • Body: Temperance is about acknowledging, honoring, and balancing all aspects about what my body needs. My body needs exercise, rest, and nourishment.
  • Spirit: Star is about unlimited potential.

My interpretation of this reading is that it is in my best interest to talk to my angels and guides to pull in the magic self-care and nurturing. I need to acknowledge that my body needs to be well taken care of in a way that is balanced. When I combine the magic of the mind with the nurturing of the body, I can reach unlimited possibilities.

You can choose to designate a meaning for each of 3 cards and use your deck, or go here to draw 3 cards from my Tarot of Empowerment online deck.

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