Engage with your High Self with Tarot

Most of us have at least one area of our lives that we would like to change or at least adjust. What is yours? You do not have to have a deck of cards for the following exercise. You can go to TarotofEmpowerment.com, free card draw, or choose your own Tarot or oracle deck.

Now, that you have identified the area of your life you want to bring into better alignment with your highest good, let’s ask the cards the best way to move forward. I am using the online Tarot of Empowerment deck and I’ll give you my interpretation of the reading below these instructions.

Call on your angels and guides to give the perfect reading:

1.      Pick a card that represents the next step to become better aligned with your highest good. (Entrapment, Devil)

2.      Choose a card that points to your best course of action to become better aligned with your highest good. (Unknown)

3.      What card represents the challenge for you to complete your best course of action? (Choice Lovers)

4.      Which card represents the energy for overcoming the challenge in order to be successful? (Introspection, Hermit)

5.      What is the card that represents what else your angels and guides want you to know. (Awakening, Judgement)

Click on the links for a full explanation of each.

Entrapment represents the energy for this person to make the change for her to become better aligned to her highest good. This means that she is stuck, but she will find the way out of the trap when she opens her mind and heart and commits to making a change.

The Unknown card represents the energy for her best course of action. This card means that the Universe is not ready to reveal her best course of action. She must first be willing to release what is holding her back from making the commitment to open her mind and heart.

In this reading, Choice is the card that represents her challenge to reveal her best course of action, the Unknown. Choice means that she can do things as she has before, or she can take a do things in a new way. These first three cards seem to be saying that she has not really made the commitment to make the changes she says she wants to make in order to change.

In order to overcome the challenge of Choice and the Unknown, her card is Introspection (Hermit). This card is telling her to explore what is really in her highest and best good, not the direction someone else tells her or she what thinks the community wants from her. When she goes within, she can trust that the truth will come to her.

Awakening, her final card, tells her that her angels and guides want her to know that after she goes deep into Introspection she will have a true AHA! moment and all will become clear to her.