Ritual letter to the Higher Self

Below is an exercise that is useful for making changes in your relationship (see example above). This exercise is useful in changing the dynamics of any relationship. The results are most obvious when a person is alive, but it’s also helpful to resolve old hurts and inequities when the person has passed.

Call on your guides and angels to help you write a letter to the higher self of the person with whom you have a challenging relationship. This is a physical letter, but you are writing it through your higher self, and to this person’s higher self. The other person will not physically receive the letter.

In the letter explain the challenging lessons you learned from this relationship, even if you rejected the lessons or the lessons were hurtful. For example, if the person has been spiteful and jealous, you can point out that they did an excellent job of teaching you how a person is when they are expressing jealousy and spite. You got the lesson, and now it’s not necessary to keep teaching (showing) you this behavior any longer. Explain in the letter that through both of your guides you would like this person to learn to replace jealousy and spite with, for example, compassion and tolerance.

In your letter include the good, the bad, and everything in between regardingyour relationship. Explain the nature of the positive energy that you would like to replace the negative. Also, honor and thank this person for the positive lessons they have brought to your life. Be willing to forgive past actions because they were most likely teaching you in the only way they knew.

At the end of the letter, tell your person’s higher self what you would like to see your relationship become, in whatever time your paths will cross. In your letter, take responsibility for however you may have contributed to the difficulty in the relationship.

When you are sure you are done with the letter, burn it with the sacred intention of changing the energy in your relationship. Say something along the lines of, “As this paper is transformed to ashes, I call on my higher self and [person’s] higher self to transform the energy in our relationship to its highest potential.” Finally, blow the ashes into the wind or put them in a garden.

Feel free to contact me if you would like more guidance.

Love Ritual

This Valentine’s Day, whether you are partnered or alone, I urge you to set aside some time to become aware of, and acknowledge, the love you have in your life.

First, start with yourself. Note the attributes that you really appreciate about yourself. For at least this moment, acknowledge your strengths and hear what others have said they appreciate about you. Make a list. Now, make an appointment, even if it’s just with yourself, to indulge in special time for self-care.

Next, make notes of the people in your life who you love and of those who love you. The two lists may not be the same. Make a note about what it is you love about each person. As an act of love towards them send them a card, email or text, or get together with them to let them know what you love about them.

Celebrate the love that you are able to receive, and the love that you are able to give others. Know that love opens your heart chakra and when your heart chakra is open you are empowered to manifest almost anything you want in your life. But first, you must acknowledge and accept you are already loved.

Your New Year Resolutions

January is often when people make resolutions for the new year, and March is when they often realize they haven’t kept them. This year I’m suggesting that if you decide to make resolutions, that you make a plan for how you will keep them. Below are some suggestions to help you be successful in following through with your resolutions.

  1. Write down your goals, and place them where you can see them.
  2. Talk and work with your angels and guides to reach your goals.
  3. Set measurable goals for each resolution.
  4. Create small, incremental steps on your way to success.
  5. Be willing to adjust your goals.
  6. Work with your personal numerology and astrology energy.
  7. Stick with it, and don’t give up!

I invite you to share your resolutions with me.

Winter Solstice Ritual

This year, in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice comes on December 21. It is a time for all traditions to celebrate the longest night and shortest day of the year. After the solstice each day will get increasingly longer. In many traditions Winter Solstice represents a rebirth of spirit symbolized by the increasing light. Since ancient times there have been rituals to celebrate the shortest day of the year and call for the return of the Sun. Even though it may not seem like it in the Pacific Northwest, the days really will get longer. For many folks that live in this area, it seems like the days are getting shorter, but that is an illusion. Below is a ritual to celebrate this year’s solstice.

Before the solstice, think about what you want to leave behind in the dark (or the underworld). Take time to write a list of what you do NOT want to carry forward, including your fears.

When the release list is complete, make a list of what you want to birth, including your hopes and dreams.

On the solstice, light a large candle in the morning and place it where it can safely burn all day. Burn the paper with your list of all you want to release. Say something along the lines of, “As this paper is transformed to ashes, so I release the energy of the old, and call to birth in the new.”

Next, take the list of what you want to birth and plant the list with a bulb or a small cutting. As you nurture the plant in the coming months, be mindful you are also nurturing your future.

Complete the ritual by celebrating with the banging of pans or the beating of the drums. When you drum, you are awakening the earth by beating to the heart of her rhythm.


Manifesting Who You Want to Become

Ritual: Here is an exercise for you to do each day for 7 days to co- create with spirit to manifest the change YOU want, be it a promotion, a new relationship or a new place to live.

  1. Write down what you want to call into your life. Use descriptive words to paint a picture of what you will be in that new reality as a result of manifesting what you want. For example, if you want a new job write down the benefits the new job will bring to you: Balanced responsibility, improved income, solid co-workers and so forth.
  2. Every morning when you awaken read your list, then close your eyes and imagine watching the very best of your future self being that person. Look for your confident posture, feel your joy, appreciate you ability to manifest.
  3. Ask Spirit what one thing you can do today that will bring you closer to your goal. Now, do that one thing, don’t put it off.

Stick with this plan and do that one thing each day for a minimum of 7 days. You will begin to see the change.

Thinning of the Veil

What does it mean that the veil between the worlds is most thin at this time of the year? Old religions from Europe, and independently from Mexico and Central America, invite and celebrate the dead to return to feast and be remembered at the time after the last harvest.

Pagan holidays are based on the stars and the seasons. Two of the most important celebrations are Samhain and Beltane. Samhain (pronounced Sow-in) celebrates the final harvest and the time to enter darkness, which is the beginning of the new year. These pagans believed that during Samhain the veil between the worlds of the living and dead was thin and that they could communicate with the those who had crossed over. (Beltane is the movement back to the light and will be discussed in a later newsletter.)

Even today Pagans celebrate Samhain and may bring out mementos of the dead, prepare their favorite food, and light candles or bonfires to show the departed the way home. There is a belief that death is not to be feared because the person lives on in another dimension. In ancient times there was often a parade with costumes on behalf of the gods and goddesses of the underworld. Some would wear masks to hid from spirits that may be malevolent. Because it was the new year it was also a time to plan for the future.

The Day of the Dead came from traditions of the Aztecs, Maya and Toltec to celebrate the memories of their dead. The belief among these people is that the death does not end life, but new life comes from death, just as the new crops come the old soil. Like Samhain, the Day of the Dead comes at the end of harvest going into the winter.

The Day of the Dead is celebrated with music and dancing. A temporary alter is set us to honor the dead. Along with photos and momentous, there are offerings of the four elements to help the departed on their journey. Water is placed nearby to quench their thirst. Wind is represented by wind spinners, tissue paper or chimes. Earth is represented by food such as bread. Candles, often in the form of a cross, represent fire. Brightly decorated skulls, flowers, and costumes represent the celebratory cycle of life. Monarch butterflies arrive in Mexico on November 1 and are often thought to hold the spirit of the dead.

In 601 A.D. Pope Gregory the First realized that people from the old traditions would not give up their celebrations and spiritual beliefs, so the church’s holy days were chosen to correspond to symbols of native spiritual holidays. In the 7th century Pope Boniface IV declared All Saints Day and the evening before was hallowed, or holy, eve. Thus, October 31 became Halloween and the end of harvest celebration was set to a specific date.

This has been a year of deaths for so many of us. You may choose your own way during this time to communicate, honor and appreciate those who have crossed over.

Heart Chakra Ritual During The Pandemic

When the Heart Chakra is balanced it is open and receptive. When this chakra is closed down it feels jealous, saddened and alone.

The concerns of this chakra are with relationships to others, and within yourself. When the Heart Chakra is balanced you find relationships that empower you and are balanced and loving, generous and forgiving. You are able to give generously without feeling that others take advantage of you.

When the fourth chakra is out of balance you feel jealous, envious or unforgiving. When you are in grief you are likely to feel that your heart is breaking. It’s very difficult to see a future when the heart feels broken because the pieces are scattered and some pieces may be missing

During this pandemic many of you may feel the grief of loss. Many of us know the loss of life of a loved one. For others it is the loss of community and social connections. Please let me know if I can support you.


During this time of the pandemic, civil unrest and political drama, it’s important to heal and nurture your relationship to yourself. We are often not taught to honor ourselves and recognize our true value. Make a list of what you like most about yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror or at a picture of yourself. Pretend that you are your own best friend and tell that friend what you love about her.

Set your watch or phone to a time that repeats every day. Stand straight, push your shoulders back and open your chakras. Take a moment to remind yourself that you are a good person and that you do deserve your desires. Become your own best friend.

Shower Forgiveness Ritual

Many of you have used my forgiveness bath ritual. I’ve been asked, what if I just have a shower? So here is a ritual if you only have a shower.

First, let me explain that the magical outcome of any ritual is determined by your intention. When your intention is to forgive someone the ritual is “set up for forgiveness.” Your actions reinforce your intention to forgive

I’ll give an abbreviated review of the bath ritual. For a full description of the bath forgiveness ritual click here.

The purpose of this ritual is to release the energy that is getting in the way for you moving forward with joy in your life. You are forgiving in order to disconnect from the anger, abuse or hurt that has been imposed on you.

The intention of forgiveness is for you to get closure from the energy that goes to maintaining your feelings of hurt or anger. You may need to repeatedly forgive before the closure is permanent.

Be sure you can complete this exercise without interruption. Allow time for the ritual and a nap afterwards

Call on your angels and guides to be with you during this exercise with the intention of opening your heart and mind to their healing powers

Use only the light of a candle during your ritual.You’ll need a tool that simulates cutting attachments like a butter knife or dull, flat rock.

Sit at the bottom of the shower, turn on the water to a comfortable heat and follow the instructions below:

Start at your feet or head and gently move the tool over your body, repeating the mantra, “I forgive and release.”

Continue over your entire body, going between your fingers and toes, while repeating your mantra. As you do this you are likely to get flashes of scenes in which you have been wronged, or other scenes in which you have wronged others. You will most likely see things long forgotten. Let the pictures pass like a slide show, without stopping to review or analyze. As each scene comes up forgive and release or surrender.

At this point in the exercise disconnect all attachments, even of those you love. Imagine the tool gently cutting and removing your attachments to others, living or dead, loved or disliked. Later in the ritual you will allow reattachments. Continue to use the cutting tool and repeat the mantra until you feel the exercise is complete and that you are not holding anything back.

Stay in the shower and empty the stall. You don’t want to track the psychic gunk from the shower into your house. Let that entire gunk go down the drain. Now, stand up, shower again, shampoo and scrub yourself clean from head to toe.

While still in the shower tell your angels and guides to allow the energy from only those who love and support you to reattach. Say something along the lines of, “Let those who love and support me attach to my being.” Feel the love and support pour over you.

Now, you can leave the shower. You will probably want a rest or nap so snuggle into someplace comfortable and cozy. Thank your angels and guides and allow yourself to feel, and possibly dream, their love.

When you are done resting you can journal about your experience. Know you are loved.

Gratitude Ritual

A life that focuses on being grateful in the world is a happier, less stressful life. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have moments of doubt or even anger, but focusing on thankfulness will take the steam out of negative feelings.

Thanksgiving is a good time to share with family and friends those things for which you are thankful. Take a moment before your meal for each person to specifically say at least one thing for which they are grateful.

This is also a good time of the year to start a daily ritual to remind yourself of those things that make you grateful. This ritual only takes a few minutes, but if it’s done in the morning you can set your mood for the day. When you do it in the evening you can remind yourself of good things no matter how your day went.

For this ritual a small notebook is usually best. Keep the notebook in the same place and add to it at the same time each day. Hand writing, rather than typing, your gratitude magnifies the impact. Date the entry and write at least one thing for which you are grateful.

Be descriptive. Rather than writing, “I’m grateful for my home,” you might write, “I’m grateful for the beautiful sunsets I see from the warmth of my home.”

Be mindful of expressing your feelings. You can say something like, “I’m grateful for the feeling of joy I get while watching my child successfully get through a recent struggle in life.”

I’m grateful that many of you have told me that you like my newsletter and that I have had the discipline to bring it to you each month.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Celebrating the Dead Around the World

October is often said to be when the veil between the worlds is thin, allowing the spirits of those who passed on to come back to this realm. Some cultures see this time as frightening, while others see it as a joyful celebration because they believe the ancestors come back to celebrate. We’re going to explore the Pagan tradition of the Celts and the Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico and other regions of Latin American.

Halloween is a modern carryover of these traditions that have celebrated of the departed for thousands of years. The Pagan celebration called Samhein (pronounced SOW-in) was first celebrated by the Celts and generally lasted from October 31 to November 2. It is the Pagan New Year and the spirits return to roam in this realm.

Samhein is a Celtic tradition to remember and honor the dead. In the past, food was often left on altars and just outside the door for the ghosts of the departed in order to appease them so they would not harm those in the house. Thus, the beginning of modern day Trick or Treat

In a like manner in the olden times, people wore costumes and painted their faces white so the evil spirits could not know them. The tradition lighting of Jack-O-Lanterns was also to protect them from the spirits. This is the history of Halloween costumes and pumpkins.

Also from October 31 to November 2, Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is celebrated to honor loved ones who have passed over. It is believed by many that children who have died come at midnight to spend a day with their families on October 31 and then leave the next day. Adults who have crossed over arrive the next day. The celebration is often held at the gravesites of those who have passed. It is a joyful, rather than solemn, occasion with food, games and lots of sugar candy.

Many other cultures have celebrations during these 3 days. The Festival of the Dead include Peruvians, Pacific Islanders, people of the Tonga Islands, ancient Persians and ancient Romans. Additional celebrations for the ancestors include those in Japan, Korea, Nepal, China, India, and Madagascar.

Whether you dress up or you welcome ghosts and goblins (and many supeheros) enjoy the celebration this year.