Tarot: Major Arcana Interpretations by Judyth Sult

The meaning of the card is determined by its position in the layout for the reading. The interpretation of a card in the position of Best Course of Action will be different from the same card in the position of hopes and fears. Before you interpret each card think about your question and then about the position of the card in the reading. Interpret the card with that position in mind. Click here for an interpretation of the card. [Read more…]

0 Quester

What are you seeking?
Who do you meet?
Risk to explore, to learn, to trust,
To find the truth of who you are.

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1 Magician

major arcana front with tag name longer 8-13

Earth, Air, Water, Fire
Bring me your power
Manifest my magic to do good
I call on Spirit to ignite my soul

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2 High Priestess

The High Priestess - Tarot of Empowerment Deck

You have the knowing
Call on your intuition
Meditate on the true law of the Universe
As you sit on the seat of wisdom

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3 Sustenance (Empress)

Sustain us with love and compassion
Lead us into new possibilities
Help us grow and nurture us
As we move through the world

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4 Authority (Emperor)

A thoughtful leader and decision-maker
Inclusive of others
Holding the vision for the betterment of all
Wise and brave enough to accept the consequences

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5 The Advisor (Hierophant)

Wise one, tell me your ways
How do I learn the answers
How do I find my power
Share your knowledge and your wisdom with me

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6 Choice (Lovers)

Show me the way to my highest good
Lead me to my truth
Give me the insight for the best outcome
And strength to live with the consequences

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7 Determination (The Chariot)

The Chariot Card - Tarot of Empowerment Deck

Now is the time to be in control and move forward
Drive the Chariot of fast, rapid change
Use your intellect, trust your intuition
Stay focused and ride the wings of spirit


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8 Strength

The Strength Card - Tarot of Empowerment

Grace is your strength
Be gentle as you tame the wild beasts
Use compassion and healing powers for all
Draw on the strength of your naked truth
Be strong

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