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The newsletters often include numerology for the month, card readings for the world or current issues and are fun to look back on, or to look into if you have things going on that relate.


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December 2021
Winter Solstice Ritual

November 2021
Apply The Magic

October 2021
Embrace Your Own Story

September 2021
Speak for What You Want to Harvest in Your Life

July 2021
Healing Your Chakras

June 2021
Call on your Angels and Guides

May 2021
Manifesting and Possibilities

April 2021
Engage With Your High Self

March 2021
Self Care For March

February 2021
It’s Time for Self Care & Biden’s Numerology

January 2021
The New Year Ritual

December 2020
Part 8 – Healing of the Chakras – The Crown (7th) Chakra, & Manifest Ritual

November 2020
Part 7 – Healing of the Chakras – The Third Eye (6th) Chakra

October 2020
Part 6 – Healing of the Chakras – The Throat (5th) Chakra

September 2020
Heart Chakra Ritual

August 2020
Shower Forgiveness Ritual

June 2020
A Message From White Eagle Of The Hopi

May 15, 2020
Part 5 – Healing Your Heart (4th) Chakra During COVID

May 1, 2020
It Will Be Okay.

April 15, 2020
Part 4 – Healing of the Chakras – The Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra

April 1, 2020
Calculate Your Personal Month Energy

March 2020
Part 3 – Healing of the Chakras – The Sacral (2nd) Chakra

February 2020
Part 2 – Healing of the Chakras – The Root (1st) Chakra

January 2020
New Year Resolutions, Part 1 – The Seven Chakras

December 2019
Calculate Your Personal Year For 2020

November 2019
How to Ask a Person to Change Behavior, Gratitude Ritual

October 2019
Ritual For Remembrance, Celebrating The Dead

September 2019
Steps To Empower Your Life

August 2019
Celebrating 50 Years of Marraige

July 2019
What to do when you can’t hear your Guides

June 2019
We manifest what we pay attention to in our lives

May 2019
What Keeps Your From Moving Toward Your Goal?

Changing Your Story

March 2019
Change For Empowerment Ritual, 333 March Numerology

February 2019
Communicating With Your Guides

January 2019
Michelle Obama’s Numerology, New Year Ritual

December 2018
What’s your Life Path, Soul Purpose, Hidden Passion?

November 2018
Dealing With Post Election Trauma

October 2018
Ritual To Reclaim Your Power After Abuse

September 2018
Fall Equinox Ritual, Time for Harvest

August 2018
New Coaching Corner, Change Your Life

July 2018
A Journey Across America, Mercury Retrograde

June 2018
Key to Your Life Purpose, Moon Rituals, June Stones

May 2018
4 Steps to Create Possibilities, May Stones

April 2018
Abundance, Make Wise Choices, April Stones

March 2018
March stones, Renewal ritual, Co-creating Opportunities

February 2018
Love Ritual, Feb card, Energy of 2

January 2018
New Year Ritual, Year cards, Month card

December 2017
Your 2018 Personal Numerology, Release Ritual

November 2017
Healing relationships

October 2017
Albatross Day, Halloween Traditions.

September 2017
4 Steps To Empower Your Life.

August 2017
Strategies for an Empowering Reading.

July 2017
A Guide for Your Life Journey.

June 2017
Summer Solstice – The Sun Card, The Card of Yes!

April 2017
Tips For Getting Through Mercury Retrograde.

March 2017
A Reading For Spring Equinox.

February 2017
This is the month of Self Love.

January 2017
New beginnings, a one year, the first of nine.

December 2016
The time of Solstice, and the return to Light.

November 2016
Celebrating the harvest and giving thanks.

October 2016
Honoring those ancestors who have come before us.

September 2016
Manifesting who you want to become.

August 2016
Holding true to my values as my compass during rimes of change.

June 2016
Actions to take for Empowerment.

May 2016
What Empowerment is, and what it is not.

April 2016
Understanding Your Authority

March 2016
Spring Release Ritual, New Free Card Draw.

February 2016
Your Daily Card Reading.

January 2016
Numerology for your personal year for 2016.

December 2015
Calculating Your personal year for 2016.

September 2015
Working with 9 energy.

August 2015
Tarot as a tool of Empowerment.

July 2015
Taking your Tarot readings to a new level.

June 2015
Developing your intuition.

May 2015
I’m back from Spain and Portugal.

April 2015
Life Cycles – spring ritual for release and renewal.

March 2015
Judyth & Gordana announce the new boxed set!

February 2015
Presenting the New Tarot of Empowerment Major Arcana Deck!

January 2015
Exercises to help you be empowered in 2015!

December 2014
Celebrating Solstice and our return to the light. Your New Year Numberology.

November 2014
Gordana and I give thanks, for you, for our new deck, and more.

October 2014
A new ritual for balance and temperance, honoring all aspects of yourself.

September 2014
Understandng the Major Arcana. New cards Tower and Magician.

August 2014
Staying balanced to reach your goals. New cards Empowerment and Chariot.

July 2014
Grumpiness is not Empowerment! And new cards Death and Wheel of Fortune.

June 2014
Summer friendships; and new cards: The Sun, the Moon and Awakening

May 2014
A journey to China. New cards: the Sage and Student of Fire and Air.

April 2014
You can’t always choose what happens, but you can make choices about how you respond.
New cards the Sage and Student of Earth.

March 2014
5 Things to Do to Re-energize You Life, Spring Cleansing Ritual.
New cards the Sage and Student of Water.

February 2014
Looking at the meaning of Empowerment. New cards Justice and the Hanged One.

January 2014
Learn about the Universal Energy for 2014. New cards: the Four Aces.

December 2013
How will your personal year affect you in 2014?

November 2013
Calling on your angels and guides for empowerment.

October 2013
Appreciating life after an interaction with mortality.

September 2013
Where will you be putting your energy this fall?

August 2013
I reveal my upcoming new Tarot Deck.

July 2013
It’s time to prioritize what I want to do and what I’m calling into my life.

June 2013
How to become comfortable communicating with your guides.

May 2013
The tragedies in Boston reminded me how important it is that we win over our fears and become aware of our choices, bring fun and laughter into our lives, and that we are present in the moment.

April 2013
This month’s theme which is about finding joy, happiness, delight or even, ecstasy.

March 2013
March is the month we celebrate rebirth and renewal. We welcome spring as Gaia wakes up to show off what she’s been gestating during the dark of winter.

February 2013
February is considered the mid-point between winter and spring and is often designated as the time to set your intentions for what you wish to birth in the spring.

December 2012
Let me show you a quick and fun way to get a sample of numerology by looking at your upcoming personal year.