Tarot Reading for Loving Yourself

This reading addresses what steps to take to love yourself more:

What must I release to love myself?

Determination (Chariot): Slow down and release control because they are not getting you any closer to loving yourself. You have been determined, until now, to focus on what you believe is unloving about yourself.

How do I release it?

Quester (Fool): Be willing to take a risk and open the portals to new journeys and relationships. Your guides are with you and will protect you as long as you listen for their advice.

What do I call in to replace what I released?

Moon: Know that you have illusions about yourself that do not serve your highest good. Believe in the power of the Moon to discover who you are and to know that you are worthy of love.

What do I need to do to trust the cards?

Temperance: Acknowledge, honor and balance all aspects of who you are. You have many roles and responsibilities in your life, and it’s time that you acknowledge all of the good and wonderful parts of yourself.