Happy 75th Birthday to Me

This April I will be 75 years old. Years OLD, even though I don’t feel old (most of the time).

It’s been an interesting journey getting here and one I couldn’t even imagine as a kid. I remember having a conversation with a playmate and discussing how long we’d each like to live. I settled on something like the mid-fifties because I figured that I would still be able to be active and presumably in fairly good health. I didn’t have grandparents or other older role models in my life, so I had no concept of what it would be like to be older than my parents.

Now that I am well past fifty, I’m in the mood to reflect.

I was in my mid-thirties the first time my mother told me she loved me. I think she finally said those words as the result of the exercise I detail in the article below. My mother came from a non-demonstrative family, and the maternal modeling was not positive. In fact, my father died when I was twelve, and Mom asked her stepfather, rather than her mother, to come to California from the mid-West for support. My paternal grandparents died before I was born, and I only saw my maternal grandparents a half dozen times until I was an adult. I don’t have memories of a grandma’s hugs or favorite recipe or stories from her childhood. Until I was an adult there was no extended family to share memories with, and even then, we were on different paths.

When I got married and had children, I decided to change the future of my family story. I couldn’t change the past, but I hoped that I could change the patterns from the past, the wounds from the past, and as an extension, my family. I realized that Mom could feel and demonstrate love because she did so with my children. I was so curious to know if she was capable of loving me, or if I was just not a person she could ever embrace. I had begun my spiritual journey and was learning about the power of working with my angels and guides through my higher self. I decided to write her a letter, enlisting the aid of my angels and guides through my higher self to her higher self (her angels and guides). [See article below.]

Ten days after writing that letter, I got a call from her saying that she loved me and wanted me to know how much she appreciated me. I was stunned. My husband was stunned. Over the next 25 years we built a much more loving and trusting relationship. As she was nearing the end of her life, she told me that she didn’t understand my spiritual beliefs, but she saw how I expressed love for her and how she had never had that. She looked at the love and respect in my family and said that I must be doing something right. Mom feared death, but she asked me to support her when her time came to transition, which I did, some years later.

There are two lessons in this experience. One, you don’t have to carry on your family patterns. My parents were headed towards divorce when Dad died. My grandmother and even great grandmother were both divorced (that was in the late 1800’s!). I wanted to change that for my story. Two, when you work with your angels and guides, you can call in a great deal of support to create the change to make your life as you want it, and as it deserves to be.

Over the years I’ve offered this letter exercise to resolve many relationship issues regarding work, family, and neighbor issues. What I love about the solutions is that they were often unexpected, as mine was.

There is one caveat. If nothing changes in the relationship after you write the letter, it may mean that it is time for you to move away from it, be it family, work, or friendship.

So, I’m calling on my angels and guides to celebrate the 75 years we’ve been together and to trust that we will continue to work for our highest and best good.

Meeting World Challenges

The world has been sorely challenged over the last several years. Covid, climate challenges and now the war between Ukraine and Russia and a nuclear threat puts the world at the greatest risk it has seen. Each of you has to decide what attention you will give the world’s needs. I am both a spiritual and political person and often struggle with how and where to put my energy for the greatest good. Below is what I am asking of my Angels and Guides. Without judgement, I acknowledge it is up to you to decide what, if anything, you will do.

I call on my Angels and Guides to add my energy to the Universal energy to focus on bringing a swift resolution to the military conflict with minimal loss of lives. I ask that, as a part of the human race, we come together to recognize the damage we’ve caused to this wonderful place we call home, and make cleaning our environment the next highest priority. I ask that as part of cleaning our environment we recognize it benefits all of us to help feed and house those without food and shelter. I ask my Angels and Guides to show me how to live in this place called Earth to heal, love others and be together in peace.

For the good of all, so be it.

Confessions of a Spiritual Teacher and Request for Help

For many years I’ve been writing this newsletter for you. My initial motivation was twofold; to build a reader base and, most importantly, to provide tools to you, my readers, about how to apply spiritual tools to get through life. My belief is that these tools can help connect us to the Universal energy so we can navigate life’s challenges with more grace than we may otherwise have. [Read more…]

Self Love

Be kind to yourself, believe you are worthy and
you will become empowered to attract what you want to manifest in your life.

For such a short month, there is a lot of action around self-awareness in February. It’s the second month of the year, which is about expressing love and nurturing relationships that could include a special someone, your community, or yourself.

When was the last time that you did real self-care? Self-care is about acknowledging the stress in your life and then taking action to reduce that stress with the intention of finding balance. Many of us tend to neglect to nurture ourselves as we deal with the stress and anxiety in life.

Below are suggestions you might take to bring balance to your life. Remember, in order to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself.

  1. Review, or make your own resolutions for 2022.
  2. Resolve to take care of yourself this year. If you can’t go to a spa, give yourself a spa day at home by indulging in a bath with special oils or scents. Perhaps invite a friend to take turns giving each oher manicures and pedicures.
  3. Be firm with your boundaries with others.
  4. Turn off your phone for a specific time to rest, read or be creative.
  5. Tell yourself every morning that you are a good person, and thank yourself every evening for being alive.

If You Had One Month to Live

How would your life change if you had only one month to live with your current health and finances? Would it change? What might you find important, and who would you reach out to?

Most of us move through much of our lives automatically, going through our daily routines, occasionally thinking about people we would like to reach out to or places we’d like to visit but don’t take the time “now.” We often put off the phone call to a friend, delay going to a fancy restaurant as we wait for a special occasion, or postpone forgiving a misdeed.

Take a while to think about how you are spending your time now and how you think your priorities would be the same or different if you had only 30 days to live. This is not a morbid exercise; rather, it’s an opportunity to reflect on and be conscious of your current priorities.

Who would you want to talk to?

What have you left unsaid in your life that you would like someone to know?

What would you keep doing, and what would you leave behind?

What risks might you take that you wouldn’t take now?

Would you want to leave a legacy, and if so, what would you want it to be?

No one knows how long they will live. Look at your list and think about reaching out to make contact or do at least one of the things on your list.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Apply the Magic

Last month’s exercise was to identify the positive aspects about who you are. This month the exercise is to learn to reinforce the qualities you identified last month that benefit you. If you missed it, click here.

Remember how we talked about creating the magic? Well, this is the work of magic. Set your intentions, follow these instructions and the magic will come into your life. Really!

1. Review your positive traits from the exercise, and make a commitment to take action that expands on those traits.

2. Start your day by stating what you are grateful for in your life – even if it’s just waking up!

3. Call on your angels and guides (or whatever you call the magical force) and ask for support today. Bring them onto your team by sharing your intentions for the day.

4. Review your self-talk. Are you falling into old habits where you say things like, “I’m no good at . . .” or “I can’t keep a job” or “I’m not good enough to . . .”

    When you catch yourself in negative talk, immediately change the conversation. Use phrases that rewrite your story to something like, “I’m learning new skills,” or “I’m paying attention and am doing the best job I can” or “It’s a process and I’m doing my part.”

5. Surround yourself with positive people. As you become more positive, you will find you attract others who are also positive.

6. Treat yourself to something fun to bring joy into your life. Engaging in joy opens your chakras and is healthy self-care.

You may find it’s helpful to ask a friend to do these exercises with you. That way you can each reinforce the positive and bring joy to both of your lives.

It’s Time for Self-Care

With everything that’s going on in the world, there is little doubt that most, if not all, of us are in desperate need of self-care. We so often put off the nurturing for ourselves as we deal with the stress and anxiety in our families and in the world at large.

Self-care is about acknowledging the stress in your life and then taking action to reduce that stress with the intention of finding balance.

Exercise: Fold a paper into four equal quadrants. Title each quadrant with one of the following words: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Under each of the above titles, list what attention, negative or positive, each of these areas has received in the last week. Look at the balance between these areas. Where do you need to relieve tension? Is there an area you have neglected?

Below are suggestions you might take to bring balance to your life. Remember, in order to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself.

    1. Take a break from social media.

    2. It’s not the time to go to a spa but give yourself a spa day at home by indulging in a bath with special oils or scents. Take the time for a     manicure and pedicure.

    3. Be firm with your boundaries with others. Turn off your phone for a specific time if you need to.

    4. Turn off the news or limit your exposure if you think you would feel more stressed not knowing what’s going on in the world.

    5. Reach out to someone who loves and supports you by phone or zoom and share a drink or a meal together while apart.

    6. Tell yourself every morning and every night that you are a good person.

Embrace Your Own Story

One of the most familiar phrases I hear as a coach is, ”I was always told . . .” or “made to believe . . .” [fill in the blank]. And that remembered conversation or belief is almost always negative and disempowering.

When we believe the critical voices from the past we are making a choice to limit ourselves. Our memories are in the past, we are now living in the present, and we’re making decisions that affect our future.

When you were a child, your circumstances and care givers were the authors of your story. You weren’t in a position to negate their claims about you or the world. And they were often passing along their wounds from childhood and what had been told to them.

If you are still responding to those messages from the past, I invite you to change your story. The exercises here are for those of you who want to create a true present to prepare for the future you want to create.

1. Write down only your positive traits or accomplishments. Only the positive. For example, maybe you are a kind person, or you were the first in your family to finish high school, or you successfully got yourself out of a difficult relationship. Write those down.

2. Ask a trusted friend to help you with the list. Embrace that this is who you are in the present. Only the positive traits and accomplishments.

3. Write a story about how those positive traits and accomplishments will play in your future.

4. When the negative screams that you are less than, write down that trait and then burn it. It is no longer you.

It’s up to us if we chose to limit ourselves or, alternatively, to embrace our best self and acknowledge that we’ve come a long way from the negativity of the past.

Sometimes it’s helpful to enlist a coach to assist in making changes. I’m here to help.

Self-care for March

March can be a turbulent month, weatherwise. You might find the spring storms reflected in your feelings and relationships. Calm one minute and stormy the next.

This is a good time to exfoliate your skin and attitudes or conflicts that create upheaval in your life. Look at your relationship with those around you and where there is conflict draw a card and ask yourself, “what is in my highest and best good to call into my life to have harmony in my life,” (you can draw a Tarot of Empowerment card here). Reflect on how the card can bring harmony to you.

Now, draw a card asking, “How is the next action for me to take that is in my highest and best good to work with the card above.”

Finally, draw a card that asks, “What is my challenge to being able to take the action for my highest and best good.”

This reading becomes a map that you can use in your daily life to explore changes that will bring you joy.

Judyth Sult Tarot Strength Card

In 2021 March is the 8th month. (March is the 3rd month which is added to 5, the total of 2021.)

In Tarot 8 resonates with Strength.

Grace is your strength

Be gentle as you tame the wild beasts

Use compassion and healing powers for all

Draw on the strength of your naked truth

Be strong

Developing Intuition

The best way to develop intuition is to feel it, rather than analyze or read about it. Let me give you an exercise: Close your eyes and ask your guides/angels/personal beings for help. Acknowledge that you might not even know if they are there (if you aren’t sure they are there). Ask them to teach you how to connect with them, which will connect you to your intuition. Ask them to play with you. Relax and see if you feel their presence.

The next step is to pay attention. How many times has someone called and you said, “I was just thinking about you.” That was your intuition telling you that you were going to soon be connected to that person.

Ask for parking near where you are going and when the spot comes up, thank your angels. Practice this for a week and let me know how this goes.

Another thing. Pay attention to the little itty bitty voice in your head that says, “hmm don’t think that’s a good idea,” or “this may have further consequences down the road.” Every poor business decision I’ve made can be directly tracked back to ignoring the little voice.