Tarot Reading For 2024

The Strength Card - Tarot of Empowerment
2024 is an 8 Universal Year. The Tarot cards that are represented by 8 are the Strength card and the Star card. The Strength card (shown here from the Tarot of Empowerment deck) calls on you to transcend your emotions and stand firmly with self-control. Trust that you have the internal power and fortitude to endure and conquer the challenges that may rise up before you. True Strength relies on gentleness and focus, not the use of force. Strength gives you confidence to meet internal or worldly impediments with grace, unencumbered by emotional reactions. The year 2024 is a year to show yourself kindness, compassion, patience, and understanding. For a full reading of the Strength card, click here.

The Star Card - Tarot of Empowerment
The other major arcana card that resonates with 8 in Tarot is the Star card (card number 17, which

reduces to 8). (The Star card from the Ethereal Visions deck by Matt Hughes.)

When the Star card comes up it indicates that you have achieved a sense of calm and grace because you know you are connected to the Universal source. Now, by opening to the divine within, you will be inspired with

gentle passion as your highest good finds its fullest expression. This card promises success in your future. Have the courage to follow your inspirations. You are directly connected to the source.

As you move into the energy of 2024 work with the energy of the Strength and Star cards, ask yourself these questions:

    Are there habits that need to change to bring you to a healthier place?

    Do you need to practice a little more self-discipline?

    Are you being loving and forgiving towards yourself?

    Are you willing to work with and trust your angels and guides?

This year you have the potential to go within and explore the places of fear, pain, anger, doubt, or whatever feels uncomfortable, and face it all with compassion, kindness, and acceptance.

To identify your personal year Tarot card, add your birth month, day and 2024, and reduce to a single digit. Go to Tarot of Empowerment to identify the cards that coincide with your personal year by going here.

Tarot card for January

The Moon Card - Tarot of Empowerment Deck
January is a 9 universal month
, represented in Tarot by Hermit and the Moon.

In numerology, the universal month is derived from the combination of the current calendar month and the

universal year number. January 2024 is a 9 universal month, because January is the first month in the calendar, which is added to 2024, which is 8: 1+8=9

In both numerology and the Tarot, the number 9 is associated with deep spiritual and introspective qualities.

The major arcana cards representing 9 in Tarot are the Hermit and the Moon card (18 reduced to 9).

The Hermit embodies qualities such as contemplation, solitude, and a quest for deeper understanding. Go within to search your soul to align with your unique life path. It is time for you to be alone time to hear the voice within. Take this opportunity to leave behind the pressures and distractions common in our lives. Listen to the voice of your highest consciousness, and act upon the knowledge you obtain from your meditation and search. Read the full meaning here.

The Moon(shown here from the Tarot of Empowerment deck) card symbolizes the subconscious mind, intuition, and the mysteries hidden beneath the surface. When the Moon comes up for you in a reading, be aware of the difference between illusions and reality and pay attention to the internal tides of your dreams and feelings. Take time to contemplate, listen carefully, and look for the light from within to reveal the truth of the matter. Learn to trust your intuition. Read the full meaning here.

The Hermit Card - Tarot of Empowerment
The combination of Introspection (the Hermit) Tarot card and a 9 universal month in January 2024 suggests a period of introspection, completion, and gaining wisdom from past experiences. It’s an excellent time for inner reflection, spiritual growth, and preparing for the next phase of your journey.

Calculate your personal month by adding your personal year (your birth month, plus day, plus 2024) to discover the numerology theme and the Tarot card that resonates with that number. Remember to reduce all numbers to a single digit. When you discover the number of your personal month, go here to read a full interpretation for and card from Tarot of Empowerment.