Tarot Reading to Manifest Change

Tarot is a wonderful way to get insights and direction. Below is a reading you can do by using the card draw at TarotofEmpowerment.com or by using your own Tarot or Oracle deck.

Concentrate on what you want to call into your life. Maybe it’s a new job, relationship, or home. It may be that you don’t know what to call into your life, and you can draw a card about that.

Card 1 – What is my greatest strength?

Card 2 – What is in my best interests to release from my life at this time?

Card 3 – How do I best move forward?

Card 4 – What more do I need to know?

In this reading the Strength card came up for the client. Her greatest strength is her own ability to be strong by being gentle and caring.

The Star card represents her potential. It is in a reversed position which indicated that she has not believed in her potential and that it is time to believe in herself and go for what she really wants, not what others tell her.

Determination is the card for her to move forward with focus, believing in her intuition and embracing the changes she is bringing to her life.

With Justice, spirit wants her to know that everything is connected and has consequences.

It is definitely time for her to make her move and go forward.