Manifesting Who You Want to Become

Ritual: Here is an exercise for you to do each day for 7 days to co- create with spirit to manifest the change YOU want, be it a promotion, a new relationship or a new place to live.

  1. Write down what you want to call into your life. Use descriptive words to paint a picture of what you will be in that new reality as a result of manifesting what you want. For example, if you want a new job write down the benefits the new job will bring to you: Balanced responsibility, improved income, solid co-workers and so forth.
  2. Every morning when you awaken read your list, then close your eyes and imagine watching the very best of your future self being that person. Look for your confident posture, feel your joy, appreciate you ability to manifest.
  3. Ask Spirit what one thing you can do today that will bring you closer to your goal. Now, do that one thing, don’t put it off.

Stick with this plan and do that one thing each day for a minimum of 7 days. You will begin to see the change.

Words of Power to Manifest


There is one power, the perfect power of love.

I _________, am an aspect of that perfect power.

I call to the power to manifest through me the appropriate, fulfilling, perfect love relationship for me.

This exchange of love is with the right person for me

I release all cause, effect, manifestation, form and essence and any channel within me,

Which may have been preventing the appropriate flow of abundance in my life.

For the good of all, according to the free will of all NOW

So must it be




There is one power, the perfect power of fulfillment, abundance and security

I _________, am an aspect of that perfect power.

I  call on the perfect power of the One to manifest through me the perfect fulfillment, abundance and security, specifically as the perfect job for me

I release all cause, effect, manifestation, form and essence and any channel within me,

Which may have been preventing the appropriate flow of abundance in my life.

For the good of all, according to the free will of all NOW

So must it be



There is one power, the perfect power of fulfillment, abundance

I _________, am an aspect of that perfect power.

I call on the power to work through me to provide all of the abundance and fulfillment which is rightfully mine.

I draw to me and create for me all that I need in the world of form to fulfill my needs. This may come specifically in the form of money.

I release all cause, effect, manifestation, form and essence and any channel within me,

Which may have been preventing the appropriate flow of abundance in my life.

I draw upon the balance of resources in the universe,

For the good of all, according to the free will of all NOW

So must it be


What Do You Want to Harvest in Your Life?

There are a few steps in this month’s coaching, so follow through to the end.

Take a moment to think about what you want to call into your life. Are you being positive, or are you blocking your desires when you think about or verbalize what you want?

I’ve noticed that people often speak or write their desire in a positive way when they are doing an exercise to manifest, but their conversation often brings up the negative about the same subject. For example, as an exercise, a person may write that she wants a good job, but in conversation she consistently brings up what she doesn’t like about her job. Phrases that are often repeated are most likely to be manifested, so don’t just say the positive when you are in ceremony or a class.

Speak up for what you do want, rather than what you don’t want. For example:

I want a clean house, rather than, I don’t want to have a dirty house.

I want to be with a wonderful, compatible person, rather than, I don’t want to be alone.

I want to have wonderful communication with my partner, rather than, I don’t want to fight with my partner.

I want a job that is creative and supportive with good money, rather than my job is not interesting or challenging.

Try to catch yourself as you are speaking throughout the day to understand what you are actually manifesting.

Next, call on your Guides to help you manifest what you want to call into your life. It’s important to communicate directly with them so that they know you want their help. Just like you want to be acknowledged, your Guides want to be recognized by you.

The deal about working with your Guides is that you need to expect the unexpected. They work from a different realm than you do and have powers that can be bewildering. Have you ever had the experience of thinking about a friend and the phone rings to find them on the line? Have you ever wanted to purchase something and then suddenly the money shows up? These are examples of your guides wanting to be noticed. Imagine what you could do as a team!

So, call on your Guides, ask them to play, and let them know what you want, but don’t expect the outcome to manifest in a particular way. Expect what you want to come in an unexpected way.

Empower Yourself for Abundance

Do you have an issue with being empowered to claim abundance in your life?

In order to claim abundance, first you need to define what abundance means to you. Begin by identifying when you have felt in harmony with abundance. It may have been due to material possessions, perhaps it was a sense of love, or maybe it was being in nature. How did it feel, what was your attitude at the time?

We seldom attract abundance when we hold a pessimistic attitude towards the world. When we are negative our chakras are closed down and we can’t let any light into our soul. When we are indifferent or apathetic with the universe it can knock on our doors over and over and we don’t respond because we can’t hear or feel the knock.

Sometimes we need an attitude adjustment and we are so low we can’t seem to get the energy to make the change. When that happens, try this: either from your own deck, or from the Tarot of Empowerment card draw here, call on your guides (or whatever you call on) to show you the one card that will help you claim a positive attitude. Meditate on that card.

Next, draw a card that represents what is in the way of you being able to fully incorporate the lessons of the first card. This card represents the underlying energy that is keeping you from moving forward.

Finally, draw a card for what is your next best step in claiming a more abundant life, as you have defined abundance.

As a former student, Sophie Q Horst, once wrote after a workshop, “Abundance isn’t about money – it is about the flow of life, about giving and receiving, and about not holding on to whatever might block the flow, whether it’s feelings of hurt or anger or simply being unwilling to give of yourself when it’s needed.”

Feel free to email me if you have questions about your reading.

How Fear Affects Manifesting

I have several someones in my life who are amazing at manifesting – when they are feeling happy. If they are depressed or feeling bad they are unable to manifest what they want.

In my readings I often pull a card that refers to the querent’s hopes and fears. Many times we hope to manifest an end, but don’t feel worthy of what we are hoping to manifest. Perhaps you want a loving relationship, but are afraid that you won’t find the relationship or that you are not worthy of receiving a wonderful, kind relationship.

What does one do when faced with that fear or a lack of self-worth?
•    Recognize that feeling of lack in yourself.
•    Begin to treat yourself as you would your very best friend.
•    Determine what you need to change in your life to become worthy. HINT: To become worthy is not to depend on the actions of others. If you are in a relationship that continually batters your self esteem, it is time to get out of that relationship.
•    Begin to make a plan to make a change in your life that will remind you that you are worthy.

•    Contact me, or another professional. to help you explore these questions and learn how to manifest what you want.

Tarot as a Tool to Sell Property

Feeling trapped or unsure about where to go or what to do next in selling your property or releasing an old relationship? We often get on a mental hamster wheel going over the same issues and options repeatedly until we end up feeling helpless and without options. Tarot is a great tool to give you new perspectives to clear the confusion.
Recently I did a reading for a woman who wanted to sell her house in an often overlooked area in her community. The realtor had an open house for her and had brought people for viewings but nothing was happening. The realtor seemed to [Read more…]

Manifest a New Situation

Have you found yourself in a bad situation due to a decision you made in haste. Below is a response to a person who asked to live with a friend and then became unhappy about the situation. [Read more…]

How to Manifest Intentions

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Do you want to learn more from me about how I create MAGICAL INTENTION? Would you like to intentionally create a new job, manifest more abundance, or call a relationship into your life?

I’m offering 2 opportunities to learn directly from me about your specific desire. You will leave the class knowing how to use magical intention in your lives.

Both classes are limited in size in order for me to work personally with each of the participants. You will learn how to clearly state your intention, the appropriate manifestation ceremony, and limitations in creating magical intention.

As a bonus, I am offering workshop attendees special Tarot reading rates before the class.

The first workshop will be held at Vision Quest in Everett this Saturday, November 10, from 2:00 until 5:00. Call Vision Quest to reserve your space for November 10, (425) 252-1591.

The second workshop will be two 1.5 hour conference calls on Saturday.

Energy Cleansing to Sell Your House

Real Estate Sales

“Well, we accepted an offer on our house! You described our buyer pretty darn closely. The closing date works out good for them and for us. So thank you again Judyth for all your help – you are amazing!” PF

Selling your home is an emotional issue – even when you are moving towards something you have long desired. I read the energy to help release the hold on the house or property. Usually a releasing ceremony, specific to your situation, helps you let go of the property and make that sale.

I find homes sell more quickly when a person has a releasing ceremony for the property. You keep the happy memories and lessons even as you move forward with your life.

Releasing the property can reduce stress and help you sleep better.

Space clearing

“I still don’t know how to explain the difference – I can walk in any room and not feel the hostile energy from my ex. I feel safe, thank you.” JA

Have you ever gone into a house, apartment or room and felt uncomfortable for no apparent reason? You were probably intuitively reading negative energy from the place.

When you move into a new place, or have been through emotional upheaval in the current location it can be useful to clear the energy. You never know what kind of energy is left behind from the experiences of previous tenants or owners, so cleansing is important. It’s best not to carry a stranger’s drama!

Clearings are useful whenever there is a major life change and it’s good practice to periodically cleanse your office, home, or car of old energy to create space for new, fresh, invigorating energy.