An End Of Year Reading

This is a reflective reading for the end of the year. You are welcome to use this Tarot spread to review your year.

What card represents me in the past year? Advisor – I have seen an increase in coaching clients in 2021.

How was that energy articulated in the past year? High Priestess – My coaching comes through my spiritual practice.

What is it time to release before the new year? Sustenance – It is time for me to step back from caring for others at the expense of self-care.

What was my greatest achievement this year? Chaos – I have adapted to the many changes in plans and expectations.

What is in my best interest to call into my life in the new year? Life Cycles – 2022 will be the time for me to release what no longer serves me to make room for the new.

Solstice Celebrations

This year, in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice comes on December 21. Since ancient times there have been rituals to celebrate the shortest day of the year and call for the return of the Sun. Even though it may not seem like it in the Pacific Northwest, the days really will get longer. For many folks that live in this area, it seems like the days are getting shorter, but that is an illusion. Below is a ritual to celebrate this year’s solstice.

Before the solstice, think about what you want to leave behind in the dark (or the underworld). Take time to write a list of what you do NOT want to carry forward, including your fears.

When the release list is complete, make a list of what you want to birth, including your hopes and dreams.

On the solstice, light a large candle in the morning and place it where it can safely burn all day. Burn the paper with your list of all you want to release. Say something along the lines of, “As this paper is transformed to ashes, so I release the energy of the old, and call to birth in the new.”

Next, take the list of what you want to birth and plant the list with a bulb or a small cutting. As you nurture the plant in the coming months, be mindful you are also nurturing your future.

Complete the ritual by celebrating with the banging of pans or the beating of the drums. When you drum, you are awakening the earth by beating to the heart of her rhythm.

Happy Solstice!

December 2021 is an 8 month

December is an 8 month (12+2021=2033 and reduces to 8)

8 Universal Month

Business success, material well being

Gift of inner strength and capable creators.

The 8 energy follows the 7 of November, which was about clarifying hopes and desires and stating future goals. The 8 energy is about manifesting those goals. Eight awakens belief that those dreams can come true. If we can dream it, we can manifest it.

Articulate your values so that you can be anchored to them. If your values and dreams contradict each other, you won’t be able to manifest them. For example, if you believe that rich people are evil, you would have a difficult time attracting money, if that were your desire.

Think about what you want to call into your life and then explore your beliefs to determine if they really support this action. Until you do this exercise, you may not even be aware of the relationship between what you believe and what you want to manifest. Another example is that if you want to call in a love relationship, but you don’t feel that you are lovable, you are unlikely to attract a long-term relationship.

Write down what you want to manifest.

Write down the values you have that support what you want to manifest.

If your values don’t support what you want to manifest, explore where those values came from and determine if they are still relevant. Adjust how you express your new values, and write them down to reinforce them.

Now, call on your angels and guides to help you manifest your desires. Ignore anything that detracts from what you want to manifest.

Stay conscious of, and true to, your values.

If You Had One Month to Live

How would your life change if you had only one month to live with your current health and finances? Would it change? What might you find important, and who would you reach out to?

Most of us move through much of our lives automatically, going through our daily routines, occasionally thinking about people we would like to reach out to or places we’d like to visit but don’t take the time “now.” We often put off the phone call to a friend, delay going to a fancy restaurant as we wait for a special occasion, or postpone forgiving a misdeed.

Take a while to think about how you are spending your time now and how you think your priorities would be the same or different if you had only 30 days to live. This is not a morbid exercise; rather, it’s an opportunity to reflect on and be conscious of your current priorities.

Who would you want to talk to?

What have you left unsaid in your life that you would like someone to know?

What would you keep doing, and what would you leave behind?

What risks might you take that you wouldn’t take now?

Would you want to leave a legacy, and if so, what would you want it to be?

No one knows how long they will live. Look at your list and think about reaching out to make contact or do at least one of the things on your list.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Manifesting Who You Want to Become

Ritual: Here is an exercise for you to do each day for 7 days to co- create with spirit to manifest the change YOU want, be it a promotion, a new relationship or a new place to live.

  1. Write down what you want to call into your life. Use descriptive words to paint a picture of what you will be in that new reality as a result of manifesting what you want. For example, if you want a new job write down the benefits the new job will bring to you: Balanced responsibility, improved income, solid co-workers and so forth.
  2. Every morning when you awaken read your list, then close your eyes and imagine watching the very best of your future self being that person. Look for your confident posture, feel your joy, appreciate you ability to manifest.
  3. Ask Spirit what one thing you can do today that will bring you closer to your goal. Now, do that one thing, don’t put it off.

Stick with this plan and do that one thing each day for a minimum of 7 days. You will begin to see the change.

Apply the Magic

Last month’s exercise was to identify the positive aspects about who you are. This month the exercise is to learn to reinforce the qualities you identified last month that benefit you. If you missed it, click here.

Remember how we talked about creating the magic? Well, this is the work of magic. Set your intentions, follow these instructions and the magic will come into your life. Really!

1. Review your positive traits from the exercise, and make a commitment to take action that expands on those traits.

2. Start your day by stating what you are grateful for in your life – even if it’s just waking up!

3. Call on your angels and guides (or whatever you call the magical force) and ask for support today. Bring them onto your team by sharing your intentions for the day.

4. Review your self-talk. Are you falling into old habits where you say things like, “I’m no good at . . .” or “I can’t keep a job” or “I’m not good enough to . . .”

    When you catch yourself in negative talk, immediately change the conversation. Use phrases that rewrite your story to something like, “I’m learning new skills,” or “I’m paying attention and am doing the best job I can” or “It’s a process and I’m doing my part.”

5. Surround yourself with positive people. As you become more positive, you will find you attract others who are also positive.

6. Treat yourself to something fun to bring joy into your life. Engaging in joy opens your chakras and is healthy self-care.

You may find it’s helpful to ask a friend to do these exercises with you. That way you can each reinforce the positive and bring joy to both of your lives.

November 2021 is a 7 month

November is a 7 month (11+2021=2032 and reduces to 7)

The 7 energy is about analysis and understanding. It’s a time to review your values, reconnect to spirit, and examine your purpose in life. This can sometimes lead confusion and fear as you seek to identify your place in the universe. As confusing as it may be, don’t give up on life; rather, surrender to your highest good. To surrender is to let your heart open, asking for help and listening and feeling for the answer.

November is a month for you to listen and feel, rather than taking action. Use this month to ask spirit for a clear vision of your purpose so that you are in the flow of life. Ask for help, and trust that it will come to you, even if you don’t know how it will come. Be willing to feel and listen for the answer.

You can calculate your personal month by calculating your personal year, then adding that number to the Universal Month and reducing it to a single digit.

For example, 2021 is a 5 year, so the personal year for a birthday on September 23 is 9+5+5=19=10=1. The Personal Month in November for this birthday is 7+1=8. The energy of 8 is about money and leadership. If this birthday person works with the numerology energy, she will be able to get answers to questions about how to support herself and be in integrity with her purpose in life.

You can read the meaning for the Personal Months here.

Words of Power to Manifest


There is one power, the perfect power of love.

I _________, am an aspect of that perfect power.

I call to the power to manifest through me the appropriate, fulfilling, perfect love relationship for me.

This exchange of love is with the right person for me

I release all cause, effect, manifestation, form and essence and any channel within me,

Which may have been preventing the appropriate flow of abundance in my life.

For the good of all, according to the free will of all NOW

So must it be




There is one power, the perfect power of fulfillment, abundance and security

I _________, am an aspect of that perfect power.

I  call on the perfect power of the One to manifest through me the perfect fulfillment, abundance and security, specifically as the perfect job for me

I release all cause, effect, manifestation, form and essence and any channel within me,

Which may have been preventing the appropriate flow of abundance in my life.

For the good of all, according to the free will of all NOW

So must it be



There is one power, the perfect power of fulfillment, abundance

I _________, am an aspect of that perfect power.

I call on the power to work through me to provide all of the abundance and fulfillment which is rightfully mine.

I draw to me and create for me all that I need in the world of form to fulfill my needs. This may come specifically in the form of money.

I release all cause, effect, manifestation, form and essence and any channel within me,

Which may have been preventing the appropriate flow of abundance in my life.

I draw upon the balance of resources in the universe,

For the good of all, according to the free will of all NOW

So must it be


Thinning of the Veil

What does it mean that the veil between the worlds is most thin at this time of the year? Old religions from Europe, and independently from Mexico and Central America, invite and celebrate the dead to return to feast and be remembered at the time after the last harvest.

Pagan holidays are based on the stars and the seasons. Two of the most important celebrations are Samhain and Beltane. Samhain (pronounced Sow-in) celebrates the final harvest and the time to enter darkness, which is the beginning of the new year. These pagans believed that during Samhain the veil between the worlds of the living and dead was thin and that they could communicate with the those who had crossed over. (Beltane is the movement back to the light and will be discussed in a later newsletter.)

Even today Pagans celebrate Samhain and may bring out mementos of the dead, prepare their favorite food, and light candles or bonfires to show the departed the way home. There is a belief that death is not to be feared because the person lives on in another dimension. In ancient times there was often a parade with costumes on behalf of the gods and goddesses of the underworld. Some would wear masks to hid from spirits that may be malevolent. Because it was the new year it was also a time to plan for the future.

The Day of the Dead came from traditions of the Aztecs, Maya and Toltec to celebrate the memories of their dead. The belief among these people is that the death does not end life, but new life comes from death, just as the new crops come the old soil. Like Samhain, the Day of the Dead comes at the end of harvest going into the winter.

The Day of the Dead is celebrated with music and dancing. A temporary alter is set us to honor the dead. Along with photos and momentous, there are offerings of the four elements to help the departed on their journey. Water is placed nearby to quench their thirst. Wind is represented by wind spinners, tissue paper or chimes. Earth is represented by food such as bread. Candles, often in the form of a cross, represent fire. Brightly decorated skulls, flowers, and costumes represent the celebratory cycle of life. Monarch butterflies arrive in Mexico on November 1 and are often thought to hold the spirit of the dead.

In 601 A.D. Pope Gregory the First realized that people from the old traditions would not give up their celebrations and spiritual beliefs, so the church’s holy days were chosen to correspond to symbols of native spiritual holidays. In the 7th century Pope Boniface IV declared All Saints Day and the evening before was hallowed, or holy, eve. Thus, October 31 became Halloween and the end of harvest celebration was set to a specific date.

This has been a year of deaths for so many of us. You may choose your own way during this time to communicate, honor and appreciate those who have crossed over.

October 2021 is a 6 month

Numerology 6 Month, responsibility for your dream

October 2021 is a 6 month (10+2021=2031 and reduces to 6)

In Numerology in 2021 October is a 6 month which is about taking responsibility and family. Choose what dream you have for you and your family, and then take responsibility for nurturing that dream. Put a name to your dream. Decide what will nourish the dream to come true and then feed it. Call on your guides to help you manifest your dream.

The energy of your Personal Month can work with the Universal Month to manifest your desires. For example, a September 23 birthday has a Personal Year of 1 (9+23+2021=1). The Personal Month is calculated by adding the Personal Year, which for this birthday is 1, to the calendar month, which in October is the 10th month. The 10 is reduced to 1 which is then added to the 1 Personal Year. A September 23 birthday has a Personal Month in October of 2.

You can read the meaning for the Personal Months here.