Call on Your Angels and Guides

I believe we all have at least one angel or guide that is here for one purpose, and that purpose is to help us live from our highest and best good. Just as each of us wants to be seen, so do our angels and guides want to be acknowledged by us. Here are the ways you can effectively communicate with your angels and guides.

1. Believe in your guides. They believe in you! Your guides do not speak to you in a critical or unloving way. If you are hearing criticism or anything fearful, you are running old tapes that are shouting over the communication of your guides.

2. Set your intention to have a working relationship with your spirit advisors. Intention is everything. Don’t let your ego self (left brain) convince you that you need scientific evidence. Enlisting the assistance of your angels and guides is as old as being human.

3. Eventually you’ll be able to talk to your guides at almost any time; however, start with a quiet mind and clearly reach out to them.

4. Invite your guides to communicate with you. Explain where you want help.

5. Play with your angels and guides. Ask them for a good parking place or for a sign that you are on the right path. Keep an open mind.

6. Learn to listen and see evidence that your guides are responding to your requests.

Trust! Commit to working with your guides every day for a week, and you will begin to see results. Commit, observe, and participate in the discussion with your angels and guides. Have fun!

What to do when you can’t hear your Guides

People often tell me their guides don’t speak to them or they can’t hear them. Below are the 3 most common blocks to hearing your guides. I can assure you, they do want to communicate with you, play with you and help you through life. That’s why you are here together – and every one of you has at least one angel/guide.

1. You are not listening with an open heart because you have a lack of trust and insist on rationalizing when you get a response.

Solution: Ask your guides to help you build up trust. Ask for a sign and then pay attention to what is going on around you that could be a sign. When I drove across country with a friend last year there were always 2 hawks in the sky overhead. It took us a day or two to realize they were our animal totems for the journey. Take note when you think they may be communicating with you or guiding you and thank them for being there for you. Pay attention to what you are asking for and then pay attention to the results. Remember to ask out loud – the vibrations of your voice help the process.

2. You are in such negative energy you cannot hear your guides.

Solution: Take the time to be quiet and still. Negativity feeds on itself and can become so huge that you see no other option. Negative energy can cause pain and illness. Ask your guides to come to you to lead you away from the negative energy. Be sure you are not ignoring the small light in the darkness. Go to that light and allow it to build. Breathe deeply and ask for a sign from your angels/guides that things will get resolved. Pay attention to what comes next, the solution may not be your first desire, but look at the truth of the message.

3. You are not hearing the information you want to hear so you second guess or argue with the guides.

Solution: Be honest with yourself about the information that is coming your way. If it’s time to make a change but you keep staying in the same situation you may feel that your guides are not communicating when, in fact, they are telling you to leave. A client had a relationship that was not in her highest and best good, but she didn’t want to leave the relationship. When she stilled her thoughts she was given the image of what her potential would be outside of her relationship. She then had the courage to end the negative relationship.

Practice, practice communicating, thanking, playing and singing with your guides and you will become more aware of them with greater frequency.

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