2022 Numerology

2022 is a Universal 6 year

Unconditional love, balance, responsibility

As 2021 comes to an end, so too will the chaos of the 5 energy slow things down. The energy of 5 is all about change. So much of 2021 was filled with contradictory and changing information from the pandemic to work and school schedules, to openings and closures.

The energy around 2022 is a 6 Universal Year, which is about unconditional love, balance, and responsibility. This may be the year that you recognize the importance of self-love and be responsible in a way that demands that you balance between work and home.

During this 6 year, take time to look deeply within yourself to decide what contributions you want to make to the world, how you will contribute to a meaningful relationship, and what steps to take to bring stability to your life.

January is an 7 Universal month

7 Universal Month

The desire to ponder and explore new ideas and opportunities

The 7 energy is about analysis and understanding. It’s a time to review your values, reconnect to spirit, and examine your purpose in life. This can sometimes lead to confusion and fear as you seek to identify your place in the universe. As confusing as it may be, don’t give up on life; rather, surrender to your highest good. To surrender is to let your heart open, asking for help and listening and feeling for the answer.

I suggest that you use the power of the New and Full Moons to strengthen your intentions.

March 2022 Numerology

March 2022 Universal Number is 9.

The March 9 energy is about completion and wholeness.

When 9 is multiplied by another number the sum of that number totals a 9. Nine added to another number reduces to the other number. Therefore, 9 represents both wholeness and completeness.

The energy this month will be one of having the potential to bring much of the world together as a whole. It is also a time to get rid of outdated ideas and projects.

April 2022 Numerology

April is a “1” Universal year. It is the fourth month, so we add the 4 to the 6 of the universal year (2022), and we get 10, which reduces to 1.

Along with the Moon energy (see Sky Influences), this will be a time when people have opportunities not only to see, but to change the Universal world energy. Unfortunately, that does not mean that everyone will see the “new” in the same way, and this can cause conflict. However, the positive potential energy will be available to call on to communicate healing options rather than continued destructive energy.

What is Numerology?

It can be a big relief to understand your patterns and to have direction towards changing them. Numerology is an informative and fun way to learn about your lessons in life. Life Path readings are a great gift for a new born (person or business), wedding, name change, or important anniversaries.

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How Age Influences Your Personal Year

Lisa’s birthday is April 20 so she has a 1 personal year (4+8+2014=19=1), indicating the beginning of a new nine year cycle. Whatever she starts in a 1 year will have an effect for the next nine years. In 2014 Lisa is likely to start new ventures, become more independent, show leadership and learn new skills. This is an excellent year for her to clarify her goals and lay the foundation for years to come.

I’ve discovered is that your age determines where you will focus your personal year. Lisa is 34 years old so as she reduces the number in her age to a single digit (3+4=7) she realizes that 7 is the age energy that will influence  her 1 personal year. That 7 energy would have a different influence if Lisa were 23 years old (2+3=5) in a 1 personal year.

The personal year goes from January to December, but the way it is influenced is determined by the birthday. From January to April 20, Lisa will activate her personal year as a 7 age. The 7 age energy is about contemplation, understanding and analysis. The 7 energy is a time to look at the past and present while planning for the future.

So, 2014 for Lisa is a year for starting new projects and becoming very independent. For the first four months she will focus that energy as a 7 age and she will most likely approach the new projects by analyzing, planning and figuring out how she wants to go from the beginning to the completion of the project.

On April 20, Lisa turns 35 and around that time, the 7 energy, reflecting her focus, will change to 8, which is about issues of power and money. As an 8 age she is likely to focus on money and status when she starts the new projects she planned and analyzed with the 7 energy. So from April 20 to December 31 Lisa will focus on achieving new projects through the lens of money and status.  The 8 energy is especially focused on business, financial achievements, promotions, increased influence and prestige.

Now you can figure out how your birthday influences your personal year. Determine your personal year, then reduce your age to a single digit and look at the influence of the age on the personal year.

The 1 age (energy) focuses on new projects, shows leadership and independence. For example, a 6 personal year emphasizes home and harmony. A 1 age will most likely want to start new projects around the home, or move to a new residence during the 6 personal year.

The 2 age is concerned with relationships and balance. Partnerships and communication issues are likely to come up. For example, in a 5 personal year the issues are about growth and change. The 2 age will continually be choosing between options as things are changing while trying to make choices that are fair and balanced, especially in relationships.

The 3 age is about being joyful. It’s an age of expansiveness, opportunities and happiness. For example, in a 2 personal year the 3 age will bring balance in creative, and often, intuitive ways. While the 2 personal year is about balance and relationship, the 3 age excels in social relationships.

The 4 age becomes more sober and stable following the expansiveness of the 3 age energy. Using the example from above, in a 2 personal year when the age number changes from a 3 to a 4 the person will most likely become more settled down and structured compared to the beginning of the year. But the 4 age will still be working with the 2 personal year until the end of the year.

The 5 age is about growth and change and the person may seem a bit unpredictable after the 4 energy. For example, a 5 age in an 8 personal year will probably have many opportunitie in areas of finance or work. The 5 age often approaches whatever the personal year is with a sense of adventure and excitement.

The 6 age is about home and harmony. For example, in a 9 personal year that emphasizes completion, the 6 age is likely to be completing projects around the home rather than at work. The 6 age in a 9 year can relate to completion at home, such as children going off to college or ending other relationships related to home.

The 7 age is about taking time to think about and analyze whatever energy the personal year brings. For example, in a 3 personal year the person may be quietly assessing what brings joy and contemplating the past and planning the future in respect to what will make her/him happy.

The 8 age is about power and money and it’s important to achieve goals. For example, in a 1 personal when a person is creating new projects and showing leadership, an 8 age will be looking at how to get a promotion or perhaps start a new business.

The 9 age is about completion. The 9 person wants to clean out closets, finish projects, and end relationships that aren’t working. For example, a 9 age in a 4 personal year, which is about stability and structure, is likely to clean out all of the loose ends in work, relationships, and home.

Just like understanding astrology is more than knowing your sun sign, numerology has many other factors that influence a reading. Look to see if there are numbers that are repeated in the age, date or name and look up the meaning of those numbers. For example, I did a reading for someone born September 9, 1919. The personal year number is an 11/2, but the prominence of the 9’s and 1’s will have a major impact on her view of the world.

How To Calculate Your Personal Month

April is the fourth month and on a universal level resonates to the number 4. The number 4 is about creating structure, boundaries, patience, and loyalty. This energy can be good news as people are creating the structure and sorting out how to end the coronavirus pandemic.

Keep your six foot boundaries from others, try to create a schedule to structure your days, practice patience with yourself, your household, and with others when you do need to go out.

The 4 energy is the universal number. You. To calculate your personal energy for the month of April add your personal year number to the current year. To calculate your personal year add the number that corresponds to your birth month and the day you were born. A person born on May 29 would reduce each number to a single digit and then add them up. 5+29+2020 reduces to 5+2+4=11 reduces to 2

To find your personal month, add your personal year to the current month. In the example above the 4 month for April is added to the 2 personal year bringing the total to 6. The personal month for this person is a 6.

Figure out your personal month and read the energy you’ll be working with this month.

1 – The 1 energy of new beginnings, leadership and initiative.

2 – The 2 energy of harmony, partnership and cooperation.

3 – The 3 energy of expansiveness, adventure and joy.

4 – The 4 energy of limits, order, and service.

5 – The 5 energy of change, enthusiasm, and adaptability.

6 – The 6 energy of home, family and responsibility.

7 – The 7 energy of analysis, understanding and logic.

8 – The 8 energy of power, money and confidence.

9 – The 9 energy of completion, idealism, humanitarianism

How to Calculate your Personal Year

It’s that time of year to prepare for how the energy in 2019 is likely to affect you. Every January the theme of your energy changes according to the vibration of the numbers for that year. The number of the universal year (our calendar year, such as 2019) is determined by adding all of the digits in the year: 2+0+1+9=3.

Your individual Personal year is calculated by adding your birth day and month to the universal year. The numbers are reduced to a single digit and added up. For example, a September 23 birthday would look like this:


9+5+3=17=8. Thus, 8 is the personal year for this birthday.

The numerology explanations below are followed by the Tarot cards that resonate for each energy.

1 – People in a 1 personal year are planting the seeds for the next 9 year cycle. This is a year with many new opportunities and activities. The 1 energy is likely to be a year of leadership and initiative. Sun (19), Wheel of Fortune (10), Magician (1)

2 – People in a 2 personal year are open to new relationships and opportunities that embrace harmony, balance and cooperation. During a 2 year, when a person is out of balance or in a disagreeable relationship, the person may become depressed because they are not able to act on the 2 energy. The 2 year is an excellent year to build on the new beginnings from the 1 year.

Judgment (20), Justice or Strength (11), High Priestess (2).

3 – People in a 3 personal year feel expansive and open to new adventures. This is very much “play time” as people in the 3 energy explore the meaning of joy in their lives. Three energy is very creative, especially in art and writing. It’s important to distinguish between creativity and frivolousness. World (21), Hanged One (12), Empress (3)

4 – A 4 personal year is time to focus after the playfulness of the 3 year. It is a year of focus and creating a foundation for the future. It can be considered a “maze” year as the people in this year seem to have more obstacles than usual. As they come to a block, they must learn to change directions to find a new route rather than run into a brick wall. Death (13) Emperor (4)

5 – People in a 5 personal year often feel great relief after the constrictions of the 4 year. The 5 personal year is full of exploration and working beyond the constraints of the 4 year. Many new opportunities present themselves, and it’s important to be able to finish some of the many projects that will be tempted to begin.

Temperance (14), Hierophant (5)

6 – The 6 personal year is usually pretty smooth, even as the person is likely to be focused on responsibility and service, especially to family. People in this year are focused on home and what home means: who they want in the home, where home is, what home means. People must beware of taking on so much responsibility so that the sense of individuality is lost. Devil (15), Lovers (6)

7 – People in a 7 personal year spend their time analyzing and trying to understand what their life is about. The seven year is about choices, often unexpected ones. It is a time to pause, consider, reflect, evaluate and decide. Intuition is important in the 7 year. Tower (16), Chariot (7)

8 – The 8 personal year is about status and money. It’s often the perfect time for people to explore new employment opportunities, apply for promotions and evaluate their general financial situation. Many people start a new business in an 8 year after the 7 year of analyzing and evaluating the wisdom of such a move. Star (17), Justice or Strength (8)

9 – The 9 year is the end of the cycle that started in the 1 year. People may find they are cleaning out closets, relationships, and anything else that no long serve them. As a part of the completion cycle they may find that giving to others, financially or emotionally, become important to them. Sun (18), Hermit (9)

11 – The 11 is a master number and indicates a year with the potential to open the person to a high vibration that allows greater intuitive ability. The 11 energy is difficult to sustain and it reduces to a 2 energy and that vibration is generally more comfortable for most people.

Predictions and Possibilities

May is a very powerful month for manifestation and transformation. Energetically this month carries a 1 energy (May=5 and 5+2021=5+5=1) as well as a very strong 5 energy because the month and the year are both 5.

With this number combination, I predict that May is going to be a remarkably high energy month for most people. In general, new ideas and creative alternative solutions are likely to be introduced; however, the numbers suggest that we will see more ego than cooperation in presenting the ideas and solutions.

The 1 energy is about new beginnings fresh starts, individuality, and moving forward. My expectations are that new ideas will make themselves known; however, the 1 energy is generally not that of a team player unless in a leadership position. This is likely a month in which we will not see compromise as much as attempts to force ideas on others.

The 5 energy can feel a very chaotic because it represents transformation, opportunities, and change. I foresee that May will feel turbulent and possibly confused on the world stage because so many egos are pushing their agendas.

Your possibilities

As disorderly as this energy combination feels on the world stage, it is the perfect time for you to call in new possibilities that you want to create for yourself. The 1 energy is begging for you to step into your highest potential. What would your life look like if you were coming from your highest and best self? What would you NOT be doing that you are doing now?

Five is the energy of transformation, and this May is the unique time to manifest what and who you want to become! Go for it!

President Biden’s Numerology, 11/20/1942

Life Path 2
Soul Urge 5
Personality 8
Secret Desire 3

The most important number in a person’s chart is the Life Path because it represents the life lessons and the theme that will repeat throughout one’s life. President Biden’s Life Path is an 11/2. The 11 energy is about spiritual enlightenment or working from one’s highest good. The 11 reduces to 2 which is about balance, partnership, and diplomacy. This energy is represented by his pledge to try to unite the parties.

The Expression is the way the person appears in the world. Biden’s Expression is 8, which is about getting things done around management, money, and status. The 8 energy may bring the appearance that Biden wants to be the boss and control the way money is spent. The 8 energy may be tempered by his Life Path which is the ability of seeing both sides of an issue and a willingness to compromise.

The Soul Urge, sometimes referred to as the Heart’s Desire, is about connection on the deepest level. Biden’s Soul Urge is a 5, which represents change that comes from freedom. This energy suggests that Biden will be flexible as he gathers new information, and he will always seek to adjust and bring in fresh ideas.

The Secret Desire is what deep down the human Biden wants, and that energy is a 3. The 3 is about finding joy, being positive, and projecting optimism. The 5 Soul Urge and 3 Secret Desire help explain why Biden has a positive can-do attitude in spite of the difficulties he’s had in his life. And it explains why he was so determined to be President no matter how long it took.

The Personal Year for Biden is 9 (birth month+birth day+current year). The 9 year is the last year in a 9-year cycle. The emphasis of the 9 energy is about completing what has been building up for the last 9 years and about clearing the way for the new ideas and projects that will come in 2022. The other aspect of the 9 energy is about doing what is good for humanity. Fighting the pandemic and taking steps for climate change are actions that come to mind for the 9 energy regarding the work for the good of humanity.

Biden’s Personal Month Energy for 2021

January was a 1 Personal Month for Biden (personal year+current month). This means that while Biden was completing his 9 year, his energy for January was to bring new ideas, show leadership, and act somewhat independently.

February is a 2 Personal Month for him. We would expect to see strengthening partnerships, especially because of the heavy influence of 2 in his chart. We would also expect a strong effort for him to listen to the other side and a willingness to cooperate more than he was willing to do in January.

March is a 3 Personal Month for Biden which indicates an expansiveness of creative ideas and a time of increased social activity, whatever that looks like during a pandemic.

April is a 4 Personal Month. The 4 energy is about legal, property, and financial issues, which may indicate passing legislation setting the foundation for the remainder of the year or his term. April will end the first 100 days of Biden’s term.

May is a 5 Personal Month, which is about unexpected change and potential chaos. This month is after the first 100 days, and now there is room for others to introduce their ideas for how to move the country forward.

June is a 6 Personal Month, which has the energy of family and responsibility. Biden may be called on to pay special attention to personal family matters.

July is a 7 Personal Month, indicating a time when Biden’s attention may turn inward to review his actions and plans. There is also a spiritual component to this energy that may indicate Biden will turn to his church for support.

August is an 8 Personal Month that revolves around the energy of management, money, and resources. It’s a powerful leadership time. We might expect that it will take about this long to get many of the agencies filled with leadership positions and filling the ranks with new hires.

September is a 9 Personal Month which is the time for completion of actions that took place from January to August. It will be a time of letting go of some of Biden’s ideas that are not going to come to fruition in order to make way for new plans and ideas in October.

October is a 1 Personal Month, which will bring in new ideas and plans of action from Biden.

November is a 2 Personal Month when we would expect Biden to really engage his 2 Life Path energy to attempt bring balance, compromise, and partnership to the front.

December is a 3 Personal Month for Biden, which is expansive and creative.hat others may be delayed meeting you.

What Numerology Reveals – example Michelle Obama

Learning how to calculate the numerology meaning of your name, as well as your birth date, can help you understand yourself to lead a more fulfilling life. In my January 5 Numerology class you’ll receive a workbook to help you calculate anyone’s Life Path, Soul Urge and Personality. Below I’ve used Michelle Obama as an example.

Birth name: Michelle LaVaughn Robinson

Birth date: January 17, 1964

Michelle Obama’s Life Path, based on her birth date, is a master number of 11. The Life Path explains her potential and seems consistent with what I know of her. An 11 can become a source of inspiration and for others. The 11 has a highly evolved intuition that may set her apart from others in her early life. She tends to inspire people to take action, often without trying.

The Expression, based on the birth name, is the person’s natural abilities. Michelle’s Expression at birth is a 7 which indicates a person with an excellent mind who is willing to dig deep for meaning and to understand complex subjects. The 7 is often an excellent, discriminating judge.

The Soul Urge, based on the value of the vowels, explains how the person is motivated in life. Michelle’s Soul Urge is a 9. The 9 person has very humanitarian tendencies with a strong desire to help people. The 9 has deep feelings for others and has good intentions and high ideals.

The Personality is how the person is reflected in the world. Michelle’s Personality is also a 7. Her natural ability as a bright, intuitive person who understands complex issues is the way she comes across to others.

After marriage when Michelle became an Obama her Life Path stayed the same because it’s based on her birth date. Her Expression changed from a 7 to a 3. The 3 energy encouraged her to become more outgoing and express herself in a charming friendly way.

Michelle’s Soul Urge changed from a 9 to an 8. The 8 Soul Urge is motivated to be successful in business or politics. The person who merges the 9 and 8 energies has the capacity to move the humanitarian interests into the political arena to make change in the world.

The Personality number changed from a 7 to a 4. The 4 personality is stable, practical and disciplined. This person can be relied upon to get things done and to be there until the job is done.