WELCOME! Rev. Judyth Sult is an Empowerment Coach, author, teacher and healer who has been passionate about guiding people to find their own strengths. She is co-creator of the Tarot of Empowerment deck and author of the accompanying book and workbook. Judyth uses Numerology along with Tarot to identify patterns and challenges. She is a practicing Reike Master who uses her healing energy to help relieve grief and make transitions.


If You Had One Month to Live

How would your life change if you had only one month to live with your current health and finances? Would it change? What might you find important, … [Read More...]

Apply the Magic

Last month's exercise was to identify the positive aspects about who you are. This month the exercise is to learn to reinforce the qualities you … [Read More...]

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Words of Power to Manifest

Relationship There is one power, the perfect power of love. I _________, am an aspect of that perfect power. I call to the power to manifest … [Read More...]

What Do You Want to Harvest in Your Life?

There are a few steps in this month’s coaching, so follow through to the end. Take a moment to think about what you want to call into your life. … [Read More...]

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Call on Your Angels and Guides

I believe we all have at least one angel or guide that is here for one purpose, and that purpose is to help us live from our highest and best good. … [Read More...]

Developing Intuition

The best way to develop intuition is to feel it, rather than analyze or read about it. Let me give you an exercise: Close your eyes and ask your … [Read More...]

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December 2021 is an 8 month

December is an 8 month (12+2021=2033 and reduces to 8) 8 Universal Month Business success, material well being Gift of inner strength and … [Read More...]

November 2021 is a 7 month

November is a 7 month (11+2021=2032 and reduces to 7) The 7 energy is about analysis and understanding. It’s a time to review your values, … [Read More...]

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Solstice Celebrations

This year, in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice comes on December 21. Since ancient times there have been rituals to celebrate the shortest day … [Read More...]

Manifesting Who You Want to Become

Ritual: Here is an exercise for you to do each day for 7 days to co- create with spirit to manifest the change YOU want, be it a promotion, a new … [Read More...]

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An End Of Year Reading

This is a reflective reading for the end of the year. You are welcome to use this Tarot spread to review your year. What card represents me in the … [Read More...]

Engage with your High Self with Tarot

Most of us have at least one area of our lives that we would like to change or at least adjust. What is yours? You do not have to have a deck of … [Read More...]

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