WELCOME! Rev. Judyth Sult is an Empowerment Coach, author, teacher and healer who is passionate about guiding people to find their own strengths. She is co-creator of the Tarot of Empowerment deck and author of the accompanying book and workbook. Judyth uses Numerology along with Tarot to identify patterns and challenges. She is a practicing Reike Master who uses her healing energy to help her clients relieve grief and make life transitions.

My promise to you
Every time I read for you, perform a healing, perform ceremony, council or mentor, I want to help you find your highest potential and I do so by connecting to my guides and to yours (or angels or higher self if you prefer). I give my own opinions (vs. that of the guides) only when so stating. My goal is to help you become more empowered by understanding the beautiful truth of who you are and what your options are. Finally, I protect your confidentiality.


Talking to Your Spiritual Partner(s)

As an empowerment coach, I’m often called upon to guide my clients on how to manifest something in their lives. It might be a better job, a life … [Read More...]

Pendulum Work

I have a lot of folks who want to work more closely with their angels and guides, or personal helpers. First, as always, you must acknowledge them. … [Read More...]

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How to Manifest with your Angels and Guides

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Manifesting Part 3

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How Age Influences Your Personal Year

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How To Calculate Your Personal Month

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Ritual letter to the Higher Self

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Knowing When To Release

“Maybe you’re not healing because you’re trying to be who you were before the trauma. That person doesn’t exist anymore. Because there’s a new you … [Read More...]

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