New Year Beginnings

The theme for 2023 is about living your best self. It’s getting in touch with that deep part of you that is the finest of who you are. Below are some tips for getting to that person, in the hope that you can be the ideal of yourself for longer and longer periods.

Learn to recognize when you are in the flow, that is, when everything seems to effortlessly fall into place and you love the person you are in that moment.

Determine what your truth is about you and your place in the world. Learn to distinguish between what you have been told by others and what you want in your heart to be true. What are the characteristics of the best of you?

Develop your own system to support how you can enhance those characteristics. Hear the validation from others when you bring the best of you to the light of the world.

Develop a daily practice that you are motivated to follow, one that support the qualities you want to have into your life.