A life that focuses on being grateful in the world is a happier, less stressful life. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have moments of doubt or even anger, but focusing on thankfulness will take the steam out of negative feelings.

This is a good time of the year to start a daily ritual to remind yourself of those things that make you grateful.

This ritual only takes a few minutes over several days or weeks, but if it’s done in the morning, you can set your mood for the day. Should you do it in the evening, you can remind yourself that there are good things in your life, no matter how your day went.

Get a small notebook that you will use only for gratitude. Keep the notebook in the same place and add to it around the same time each day. Date each entry and write at least one thing for which you are grateful.

Be descriptive. Rather than writing, “I’m grateful for my home,” you might write, “I’m grateful for the beautiful sunsets I see from the warmth of my home.”

Be mindful of expressing your feelings. You can say something like, “I’m grateful for the feeling of joy I get while watching my child succeed at a task.”

I’m grateful that many of you have told me that you like my newsletter and that I have had the discipline to bring it to you most months! Happy Thanksgiving!