Creating Boundaries

Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries is like putting on your superhero cape in the world of personal empowerment. It’s about standing up for yourself, respecting your own needs, and defining how you want to be treated by others. My job, as an Empowerment Coach,

is to work with you to identify your boundaries, examine how those boundaries have been pushed in the past, and explore strategies to communicate your needs in the present and future.

Sometimes it’s difficult to recognize in yourself the need to set clear boundaries. You may need to set boundaries to take care of yourself if you are:

1. Constantly Putting Others First: Believing that your needs are less important than the needs of others can lead to a lack of self-care and self-respect. It’s essential to recognize that your well-being matters and that setting boundaries is an act of self-love.

2. Feeling Overwhelmed: Finding yourself overwhelmed by commitments, responsibilities, or the needs of others may be a sign that your boundaries are not adequately protecting your time and energy. Feeling overwhelmed can lead to stress, burnout, and a diminished sense of control over your life.

3. Difficulty Saying No: Struggling to say no to additional obligations, even when you’re already stretched thin, can be a sign that you need to set firmer boundaries around your time and capacity.

4. Allowing Disrespectful Treatment: Allowing others to disrespect your personal space, feelings, or boundaries can be a clear indication that you need to establish firmer boundaries. This includes speaking out against verbal abuse, invasion of privacy, or emotional manipulation.

5. Difficulty Expressing Feelings: Finding it a challenge to express yourself in your relationships due to fear of conflict or rejection may be a sign that you need to define and declare your boundaries more effectively. Suppressing your feelings can lead to internalized stress and unhappiness.

Once you are aware of how you are feeling about yourself, you are in a position to make changes. If you are working on your own, or with a coach, self-awareness is the first step in creating the change you want to call into your life. The second step is to set clear goals for how you want to move forward. Finally, believe in your ability to change yourself into your own superhero. Even superheroes need occasional help.