Bring Balance into Your Life

In Tarot of Empowerment the card Temperance is about acknowledging, honoring and balance all aspects of your life. When Temperance comes up in a reading I suggest that the person write down all of the roles she currently plays in her life. Then divide them into categories of Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit.

1. On a piece of paper create a grid with 4 sides and label each square with one of the areas of mind, body, spirit and emotions. Every day for a week note what you are doing for yourself in each area. What areas of your life satisfy your connection to the physical world? How do you engage your relationship to spirit? What stimulates you mentally? Are your emotional needs being met?

2. Balance is a temporary state and must be constantly reconfigured as our situation changes. Balance is different for everyone so write a definition of what it looks like for you. Is it comforting? Is it boring? Is it what you want to achieve?

3. Create what next step you will strive towards in each area.

When you find balance you will become more creative and productive and your stress level will go down.