How To Calculate Your Personal Month

April is the fourth month and on a universal level resonates to the number 4. The number 4 is about creating structure, boundaries, patience, and loyalty. This energy can be good news as people are creating the structure and sorting out how to end the coronavirus pandemic.

Keep your six foot boundaries from others, try to create a schedule to structure your days, practice patience with yourself, your household, and with others when you do need to go out.

The 4 energy is the universal number. You. To calculate your personal energy for the month of April add your personal year number to the current year. To calculate your personal year add the number that corresponds to your birth month and the day you were born. A person born on May 29 would reduce each number to a single digit and then add them up. 5+29+2020 reduces to 5+2+4=11 reduces to 2

To find your personal month, add your personal year to the current month. In the example above the 4 month for April is added to the 2 personal year bringing the total to 6. The personal month for this person is a 6.

Figure out your personal month and read the energy you’ll be working with this month.

1 – The 1 energy of new beginnings, leadership and initiative.

2 – The 2 energy of harmony, partnership and cooperation.

3 – The 3 energy of expansiveness, adventure and joy.

4 – The 4 energy of limits, order, and service.

5 – The 5 energy of change, enthusiasm, and adaptability.

6 – The 6 energy of home, family and responsibility.

7 – The 7 energy of analysis, understanding and logic.

8 – The 8 energy of power, money and confidence.

9 – The 9 energy of completion, idealism, humanitarianism