How Age Influences Your Personal Year

Lisa’s birthday is April 20 so she has a 1 personal year (4+8+2014=19=1), indicating the beginning of a new nine year cycle. Whatever she starts in a 1 year will have an effect for the next nine years. In 2014 Lisa is likely to start new ventures, become more independent, show leadership and learn new skills. This is an excellent year for her to clarify her goals and lay the foundation for years to come.

I’ve discovered is that your age determines where you will focus your personal year. Lisa is 34 years old so as she reduces the number in her age to a single digit (3+4=7) she realizes that 7 is the age energy that will influence  her 1 personal year. That 7 energy would have a different influence if Lisa were 23 years old (2+3=5) in a 1 personal year.

The personal year goes from January to December, but the way it is influenced is determined by the birthday. From January to April 20, Lisa will activate her personal year as a 7 age. The 7 age energy is about contemplation, understanding and analysis. The 7 energy is a time to look at the past and present while planning for the future.

So, 2014 for Lisa is a year for starting new projects and becoming very independent. For the first four months she will focus that energy as a 7 age and she will most likely approach the new projects by analyzing, planning and figuring out how she wants to go from the beginning to the completion of the project.

On April 20, Lisa turns 35 and around that time, the 7 energy, reflecting her focus, will change to 8, which is about issues of power and money. As an 8 age she is likely to focus on money and status when she starts the new projects she planned and analyzed with the 7 energy. So from April 20 to December 31 Lisa will focus on achieving new projects through the lens of money and status.  The 8 energy is especially focused on business, financial achievements, promotions, increased influence and prestige.

Now you can figure out how your birthday influences your personal year. Determine your personal year, then reduce your age to a single digit and look at the influence of the age on the personal year.

The 1 age (energy) focuses on new projects, shows leadership and independence. For example, a 6 personal year emphasizes home and harmony. A 1 age will most likely want to start new projects around the home, or move to a new residence during the 6 personal year.

The 2 age is concerned with relationships and balance. Partnerships and communication issues are likely to come up. For example, in a 5 personal year the issues are about growth and change. The 2 age will continually be choosing between options as things are changing while trying to make choices that are fair and balanced, especially in relationships.

The 3 age is about being joyful. It’s an age of expansiveness, opportunities and happiness. For example, in a 2 personal year the 3 age will bring balance in creative, and often, intuitive ways. While the 2 personal year is about balance and relationship, the 3 age excels in social relationships.

The 4 age becomes more sober and stable following the expansiveness of the 3 age energy. Using the example from above, in a 2 personal year when the age number changes from a 3 to a 4 the person will most likely become more settled down and structured compared to the beginning of the year. But the 4 age will still be working with the 2 personal year until the end of the year.

The 5 age is about growth and change and the person may seem a bit unpredictable after the 4 energy. For example, a 5 age in an 8 personal year will probably have many opportunitie in areas of finance or work. The 5 age often approaches whatever the personal year is with a sense of adventure and excitement.

The 6 age is about home and harmony. For example, in a 9 personal year that emphasizes completion, the 6 age is likely to be completing projects around the home rather than at work. The 6 age in a 9 year can relate to completion at home, such as children going off to college or ending other relationships related to home.

The 7 age is about taking time to think about and analyze whatever energy the personal year brings. For example, in a 3 personal year the person may be quietly assessing what brings joy and contemplating the past and planning the future in respect to what will make her/him happy.

The 8 age is about power and money and it’s important to achieve goals. For example, in a 1 personal when a person is creating new projects and showing leadership, an 8 age will be looking at how to get a promotion or perhaps start a new business.

The 9 age is about completion. The 9 person wants to clean out closets, finish projects, and end relationships that aren’t working. For example, a 9 age in a 4 personal year, which is about stability and structure, is likely to clean out all of the loose ends in work, relationships, and home.

Just like understanding astrology is more than knowing your sun sign, numerology has many other factors that influence a reading. Look to see if there are numbers that are repeated in the age, date or name and look up the meaning of those numbers. For example, I did a reading for someone born September 9, 1919. The personal year number is an 11/2, but the prominence of the 9’s and 1’s will have a major impact on her view of the world.