Personal Month Numerology for February

To determine the numerology of your personal year, add together your birth month and day number to the current year (2024=8 for this year). For a September 23 birthday (no matter the birth year), the personal year would be 9 (month) + 5 (23 reduced to 5) + 8 (Universal year) = 13, which reduces to 4. For the entire year, this birthday person will have the energy of 4, which will influence how the person makes decisions and what opportunities are likely to come her way.

The 4 energy is about setting up the structure for the future and understanding who you are and where you are going. For personal month number, add current calendar month number (2 for February) to your personal year number. You need to calculate your personal month number. In the above example, we would add 2 (the calendar month) + 4 (the personal year) = 6. For this birthday, the month of February will carry the 6 energy, which is all about home and responsibility. Where is home, who does she want in her home, what are her responsibilities to her home and those in the home? This 6 energy of the personal month will work in tandem with the 4 energy of her personal year.

Words to describe each number:

1 = Independence, creativity, and innovation. (The 1 is the beginning of a cycle of 9 months or years.)

2 = Diplomacy, cooperation, and partnership.

3 = Communication, artistic endeavors, and joy.

4 = Practicality, straightforwardness, and planning.

5 = Adventure, fun, and flexibility.

6 = Nurturance, devotedness, and family orientation.

7 = Insightfulness, serenity, and privacy.

8 = Power, authority, and abundance.

9 = Humanitarianism, empathy, and open-mindedness. (The 9 is the ending of a 9 month cycle.)