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How To Calculate Your Personal Month

April is the fourth month and on a universal level resonates to the number 4. The number 4 is about creating structure, boundaries, patience, and loyalty. This energy can be good news as people are creating the structure and sorting out how to end the coronavirus pandemic. [Read more…]

Personal Month Numerology for February

To determine the numerology of your personal year, add together your birth month and day number to the current year (2024=8 for this year). For a September 23 birthday (no matter the birth year), the personal year would be 9 (month) + 5 (23 reduced to 5) + 8 (Universal year) = 13, which reduces to 4. For the entire year, this birthday person will have the energy of 4, which will influence how the person makes decisions and what opportunities are likely to come her way. [Read more…]

How Age Influences Your Personal Year

Lisa’s birthday is April 20 so she has a 1 personal year (4+8+2014=19=1), indicating the beginning of a new nine year cycle. Whatever she starts in a 1 year will have an effect for the next nine years. In 2014 Lisa is likely to start new ventures, become more independent, show leadership and learn new skills. This is an excellent year for her to clarify her goals and lay the foundation for years to come. [Read more…]

How to Calculate your Personal Year

It’s that time of year to prepare for how the energy in 2019 is likely to affect you. Every January the theme of your energy changes according to the vibration of the numbers for that year. [Read more…]

Reflecting on the Energy of Your Personal Numbers -End 2023

In past issues, I’ve written about how to anticipate your personal numerology energy for the year, such as 2023. Then I’ve written about the personal month energy each month as we’ve moved through the year. This month, I’m suggesting that you look at your personal year energy for 2023 and answer the questions about how well you utilized that energy in the course of the past year. [Read more…]

A Deeper Dive Into Monthly Numerology

Each month has two numbers that relate to numerology. The first number is the current number of the month in the calendar; for example, the current month, September, would 9, the 9th month of the calendar year. The second number is the Universal Month. The Universal Month is calculated by adding the Universal Year (add all the numbers in the year: 2022=6) to the current month. The Universal Month for September 2022 is 6: 6+9=15, which reduces to 6. [Read more…]

Numerology 9 Month, Endings

April 2021 is a 9 Universal month (4+2021=9). In Numerology nine represents completion and has a humanitarian aspect to it. This month is about recognizing that change is coming and that it’s in your best interest to release relationships, projects, and commitments that are no longer in your best interest. [Read more…]

March 2024

Judyth Sult’s March 2024

Empowerment Newsletter

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Notes from J

Welcome to March, the month of rebirth, creativity, and awakening. March is a time of hope; as the days get longer, the weather usually gets a bit more temperate, and flowers begin to bloom. Easter, as it’s celebrated today with eggs and bunnies, is a remnant of a Pagan holiday celebrating around the Vernal Equinox. The eggs and bunnies are symbols of fertility, new life, and rebirth.

March is a great time to practice your manifestation skills, and the coaching corner has step by step instructions about how to manifest your desires. As with all of my coaching, adapt the information to your own practices and intuition. You can manifest!

A gentle reminder to talk to your guides. Remember, they are here just for you; don’t leave them alone.



                                                                                     Coaching Corner

Talking to Your Spiritual Partner

As an empowerment coach, I’m often called upon to guide my clients on how to manifest something in their lives. It might be a better job, a life partner, or some money. Whatever the desire to manifest, there are four basic steps I’ll be discussing in the next few newsletters. I’ll explain each of those steps, and the common blocks, along with suggestions for how to resolve those blocks.

A word of warning. You may have read some of the thousands of articles about how to manifest. And you may have spent a great deal of money on those resources and yet still have difficulty manifesting. What I am writing about here is a guide with the general steps because you must discover your own way that resonates with you and with your concept of spirit. This approach doesn’t cost you anything but time and practice.

I refer to my spiritual partners as angels and guides. Not everyone is comfortable with those terms, and if you are one of them, come up with your own term that represents spirit in your life. I refer to my angels and guides as my partners because we work together towards common goals.

Everyone has their own spiritual partners, and it’s important to acknowledge them. Especially if you aren’t sure that you have spiritual partners, you should begin your own form of communicating with them so that they can show themselves to you and make their presence known.

When I was a little girl, I used to talk to God frequently because that was the only name, or entity, that I was introduced to. Although the talking was usually about getting me out of trouble, or keeping me from getting caught, I felt like I was making a connection. From a fairly young age I looked for a friend in spirit, rather than the Biblical frightening know-all guy in the sky who would call for awful things to happen if anyone didn’t do exactly as he commanded.

Finally, when I was still a fairly young adult, I was introduced to the world of non-religious spiritual belief. As I just wrote this, I almost used the term, non-traditional rather than non-religious, but this belief that we work with the spirits is a tradition as old as humanity. Working with spiritual partners is personal, beautiful, and magical.

How do you know that your spiritual partners hear you? It’s when everything seems to flow. You are being heard and in sync with your partners when there are coincidences, like thinking about a friend and that friend calls you or you run into them right away.

Two of the most common questions I’m asked as a coach are, “How can I communicate with my angels and guides?” and “How do I know if they hear me?”

I believe that almost any approach works, and if you just start you will probably find your way. I believe that your spiritual partners are here for no other reason than to guide you, help you, and reward you in your lifetime. If you ignore your guides, or are afraid to call on them, they will do the best they can, but it makes their job much more difficult. Like any partnership, it’s important to communicate well, rather than having to guess what the other wants. You are the leader in this partnership. You are the one who says what is wanted; your guides deal with the how to get it for you.

Many of my clients are surprised when they discover what a sense of joy they find when they’ve accepted that they’re being heard and responded to by their spiritual partners. The communication may come in a dream, or an answer that just comes to them. It may come with a strong sense to take an action without understanding why, and then realizing it’s the correct next step.

The feeling of being heard can be so powerful, and joyful, that your life feels more complete and secure because you know you will never be truly alone.

Fun work: Remember, this is the first step in manifesting and is critical in setting you up for success. Talk to your spiritual partners often in the course of the day. For example, when I get in the car, I try to always say, “wrapped in silver and protected.” Below are some other suggestions, but don’t limit yourself. Maybe ask your spiritual partners how they want to communicate.

1. Greet them in the morning, and thank them for being in your life.

2. Ask them to show you a sign that they are with you.

3. Meditate.

4. Pick an oracle after asking a question.

5. Create a vision board, asking them to guide you.

Listen for a response, not just with your ears, but with your heart. Play with them. Feel free to share your experiences with me. Perhaps, with your permission, I’ll add your experience to my next newsletter.


The Universal month number for March is 2, which in numerology stands for cooperation, harmony, and balance. Remember, the Universal month is calculated by adding the calendar month (which is 3 for March), to the year (2024=8). So, 3+8=11. Eleven is then reduced to a single digit, 2.

The number 2 is often linked to harmony, cooperation, balance, and relationships. It’s a gentle and diplomatic energy that encourages collaboration and finding common ground. During a month associated with the number 2, people may find themselves focusing on partnerships, teamwork, and maintaining balance in their lives.

The Personal Month is related to your birth day and tells you what energy to expect this month. Reduce your birth day and month to a single digit. For example, a November 23 birthday would be 2 (November is 11th month reduced to 2) + 5 (23 reduced to 5) = 7. For the November 23 birthday, the Personal Month is a 7, no matter what year the person was born.

Personal Month Calculation

In numerology each number from 1 to 9 carries distinct characteristics and energies. Below are the general energies associated with the number of the Personal Month that you can expect to experience this month.

The Personal Month number provides a snapshot of the predominant energies influencing an individual during a given month.

 Personal Month 1

The 1 Personal Month is the time to embrace new beginnings. Set goals for the next 9 months and welcome the chance to initiate opportunities for change.

Personal Month 2

The 2 Personal Month is the time that relationships will garner the most attention. You’ll find you seek harmony and balance, and you’ll have the urge to compromise.

Personal Month 3

The 3 Personal Month is an ideal time to express yourself creatively. Explore innovative ways to communicate or engage in artistic pursuits.

Personal Month 4

The 4 Personal Month is the time for you to be practical in the way you pursue your goals. You’ll find you are more comfortable than usual in organizing your life and objectives.

Personal Month 5

The 5 Personal Month will be a month of adventures and exploration. Be prepared to be more flexible than usual and to edge beyond your comfort zone.

Personal Month 6

The 6 Personal Month is a good time to focus on family in a nurturing way. Family can be relatives or your chosen family through friends.

Personal Month 7

The 7 Personal Month is a time for you to look deeply within. You may find yourself exploring spiritual growth as you delve into your inner self.

Personal Month 8

The 8 Personal Month brings a focus on achievement and abundance. You’ll find it’s a good time to make strategic decisions to towards your goals.

Personal Month 9

The 9 Personal Month completes the cycle you began in your 1 month.This month is a good time to finish incomplete tasks and reflect on your accomplishments. Be compassionate with yourself and others.

Sky Influences

New Moon in Pisces, March 10: Sit back, relax, and meditate. This is a good time to take time for yourself and go within.

Full Moon in Libra, Lunar eclipse, March 25: Imagine that you are the person you want to become. How do you see yourself, and what are your goals?

Oracle cards by Paige Woods

There are a lot of different kinds of oracle decks other than Tarot. I was recently introduced to a new deck by Paige Woods. This deck is made up of single words with an explanation on her website,

The card I pulled for us all for the month of March is CREATE. The message is:

What a wonderful and exciting time for you.

Something new is coming your way, if it hasn’t already. This could be a new idea, a new person or a new opportunity. This is something you deserve and have all of the tools to commit to.

This is also the time in which change is afoot, embrace it with loving arms.

Change brings growth, excitement, opportunity to shift focus. You may receive unexpected news, keep an open mind, not all news seems like good news at first glance. If this is the case, don’t react immediately.

Give yourself time to develop new perspective before moving forward.

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February 2024

Judyth Sult’s February 2024

Empowerment Newsletter

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Notes from J

It seems to me that February is a month full of contradictions. It’s the shortest month in days, and even though the days are minutes longer, they are often dark and gloomy and seem to go on forever. The big holidays are past, and after four weeks in the new year I’m beginning to get accustomed to believing we’re really in the year 2024.

I thought it might be fun to introduce the use of pendulums as a tool to communicate with your helpers, or angels and guides. The pendulum can give you excellent information while being a fun way to explore what your guides want you to know. Pendulums can be a tool to confirm what you think the guides are telling you.

February is about love, and the most important person is to love yourself. Believe me, I know how difficult that can be with all of the negative feedback we’ve been given about ourselves since childhood. It took me until well into my adulthood to really feel worthy of self-love.

See the Tarot spread below for a reading about how to love yourself more. My empowerment coaching is a way to learn tools and techniques for believing in valuing yourself. Please contact me if you would like more information.



                                                                                     Coaching Corner

Pendulum Work

I have a lot of folks who want to work more closely with their angels and guides, or personal helpers. First, as always, you must acknowledge them. Welcome your personal helpers with words, and let them know what you want them to do, or how you want them to be in your life. Then, be prepared to listen to them.

One way to establish communication and know is to ask a yes/no question and then use a pendulum to divulge the answer. Below is a how to guide for pendulum work.

1. Choosing a Pendulum:

  • You can either purchase a pendulum or make one yourself. It can be anything with a weighted object attached to a string or chain.
  • Choose a pendulum that feels comfortable and balanced in your hand. It can be made of various materials like metal, crystal, or wood.

2. Understanding the Basics:

  • Hold the pendulum between your thumb and index finger, allowing it to hang freely without touching anything.
  • Ask the pendulum which way means yes and wait for the pendulum to move on its own. Be patient, and if the pendulum doesn’t move, it may not be in alignment with you in which case you can select another.
  • Ask the pendulum to show you the “no” direction.
  • Ask the pendulum to show you the “no answer,” which can indicate that you need to reword the question, or that there is not a best answer.

3. Establishing a Connection:

  • When you begin working with a pendulum, be in a comfortable and quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Take a few deep breaths to relax your mind and body.
  • Call on your angels and guides to hear you and answer your question.

4. Asking Questions:

  • Ask clear, specific questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no” or “maybe”.
  • Remain relaxed and open-minded, allowing the pendulum to move naturally. Consider closing your eyes so you don’t influence the answer.

5. Interpreting the Responses:

  • Interpret the pendulum's movement based on your pre-established signals for "yes," "no," or "maybe."
  • Trust your intuition and the connection you've established with your guides through your pendulum.

6. Practice and Patience:

  • Like any skill, working with a pendulum requires practice and patience.
  • Keep a journal to record your questions, the pendulum's responses, and any insights or feelings you experience during the process.
  • Over time, you'll become more attuned to the subtle movements and nuances of your pendulum.

Sometimes people wear their pendulum on a long chain around their neck so that it is always available. I take my pendulum to the grocery store and will sometimes use it to decide between different products. Play with your pendulum, always remembering to call on your guides and trusting that they are communicating with you through the pendulum. And have fun!

Numerology Personal Month number for February

To determine the numerology of your personal year, add together your birth month and day number to the current year (2024=8 for this year). For a September 23 birthday (no matter the birth year), the personal year would be 9 (month) + 5 (23 reduced to 5) + 8 (Universal year) = 13, which reduces to 4. For the entire year, this birthday person will have the energy of 4, which will influence how the person makes decisions and what opportunities are likely to come her way.

The 4 energy is about setting up the structure for the future and understanding who you are and where you are going. For personal month number, add current calendar month number (2 for February) to your personal year number. You need to calculate your personal month number. In the above example, we would add 2 (the calendar month) + 4 (the personal year) = 6. For this birthday, the month of February will carry the 6 energy, which is all about home and responsibility. Where is home, who does she want in her home, what are her responsibilities to her home and those in the home? This 6 energy of the personal month will work in tandem with the 4 energy of her personal year.

Words to describe each number:

1 = Independence, creativity, and innovation. (The 1 is the beginning of a cycle of 9 months or years.)

2 = Diplomacy, cooperation, and partnership.

3 = Communication, artistic endeavors, and joy.

4 = Practicality, straightforwardness, and planning.

5 = Adventure, fun, and flexibility.

6 = Nurturance, devotedness, and family orientation.

7 = Insightfulness, serenity, and privacy.

8 = Power, authority, and abundance.

9 = Humanitarianism, empathy, and open-mindedness. (The 9 is the ending of a 9 month cycle.)

Tarot Reading for Loving Yourself

This reading addresses what steps to take to love yourself more:

What must I release to love myself?

Determination (Chariot): Slow down and release control because they are not getting you any closer to loving yourself. You have been determined, until now, to focus on what you believe is unloving about yourself.

How do I release it?

Quester (Fool): Be willing to take a risk and open the portals to new journeys and relationships. Your guides are with you and will protect you as long as you listen for their advice.

What do I call in to replace what I released?

Moon: Know that you have illusions about yourself that do not serve your highest good. Believe in the power of the Moon to discover who you are and to know that you are worthy of love.

What do I need to do to trust the cards?

Temperance: Acknowledge, honor and balance all aspects of who you are. You have many roles and responsibilities in your life, and it’s time that you acknowledge all of the good and wonderful parts of yourself.

In the Sky

New Moon in Aquarius, February 9: The Aquarius energy provides an opportunity for you to break out of old patterns and visualize what you would like to manifest in your future.

Full Moon in Virgo, February 24: Virgo provides the energy of getting things done, and the full moon is a time to make your vision from the new moon a reality.

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January 2024

Judyth Sult’s January 2024

Empowerment Newsletter

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Notes from J

Welcome to 2024!

Last month I provided the information for you to review your personal year for 2023. This month, you have the information to be able to calculate your personal year for 2024 so that you can work with the energy throughout the year in order to better achieve your goals.

Each month I’ll discuss the energy for that specific month. These personal month numbers are your power numbers. With this information you can begin to work with your angels and guides to manifest what you want to call into your life. Energy is all around us, we just need to learn where it is, and how to tune into it. That’s why I write these newsletters for you.

This month you will also find the major arcana Tarot cards that support the numerology energy for the universal month and year. I’ve shown how you can calculate your personal year number in order to match the Tarot cards that resonate with your personal numbers.

Finally, I’ve offered my predictions for 2024 based on numerology and Tarot energy, along with my own intuition.

As a thank you to my readers, I’m running a 25% discount for readings during January to give you an enlightened start to your year. Contact me and we’ll set up a time for in-person or phone readings.



                                                                                     Coaching Corner

The year 2024 is an 8 year. The number 8 is considered a powerful and authoritative number, representing balance between the material and spiritual realms

In numerology, the universal year is calculated by adding the digits of the current year until a single-digit number is obtained. For 2024, the calculation would be 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8. Therefore, the universal year number for 2024 is 8.

Based on numerology, universally 2024 will most likely focus on the following:

*Abundance and Material Success: The number 8 is often associated with prosperity, financial success, and abundance. In 2024, there may be a focus on economic growth and financial opportunities.

*Balance and Harmony: The number 8 is symmetrical and balanced. In 2024, there might be a collective effort to find balance in various aspects of life, including work-life balance, personal relationships, and the environment.

*Leadership and Power: The number 8 is linked to authority and power. In 2024, there could be a focus on leadership, both on a global and individual level. Individuals may be encouraged to step into leadership roles and exercise their personal power responsibly.

*Karmic Influences: The number 8 is sometimes associated with the concept of karma—the idea that actions have consequences. In 2024, people may be more conscious of the consequences of their choices and actions, both at an individual and societal level.

For the general population, this is a year of heightened manifestation abilities, so don’t hold back. It’s time to have the courage to step into your power and claim your abundance.

To determine the energy of your personal year in 2024, reduce all numbers to a single digit, then add the number of your birth month to your birth day, and to 2024. For example, September 23 would be 9+5 (23 reduced) +8 (2024 reduced) = 13, which reduces to 4.

Personal Year 1: This year signifies new beginnings, independence, and opportunities. It’s a time for initiating projects, setting goals, and taking the first steps toward your aspirations.

Personal Year 2: A year focused on relationships, cooperation, and diplomacy, this year emphasizes patience, balance, and partnerships. It’s a time for nurturing existing connections and fostering harmony.

Personal Year 3: Known for creativity, self-expression, and social activities, this year encourages communication, optimism, and expanding your interests. It’s a time for joy, socializing, and exploring new avenues.

Personal Year 4: A year of hard work, stability, and building solid foundations, this year emphasizes practicality, discipline, and attention to detail. It’s a time for laying groundwork and focusing on long-term goals.

Personal Year 5: This year brings change, freedom, and adventure. It’s a period of unpredictability, travel, and embracing new experiences. It encourages adaptability and openness to change.

Personal Year 6: Focused on family, home, and responsibility, this is a year of nurturing relationships, domestic harmony, and taking on caregiving roles. It emphasizes love, service, and community.

Personal Year 7: A year for introspection, spirituality, and inner growth, this is a time for self-reflection, learning, and seeking deeper truths. This year encourages solitude and contemplation.

Personal Year 8: Known for success, abundance, and achievement, this is a year of material and financial gains, career advancements, and taking charge of situations. It emphasizes power and leadership.

Personal Year 9: A year of completion, endings, and humanitarianism, this year encourages letting go of what no longer serves you, forgiving, and giving back to the community. It’s a time for wrapping up cycles and preparing for new beginnings.

Universal Year Tarot Card, 8

The Tarot cards that are represented by 8 are the Strength card and the Star card.

The Strength card (shown here from the Tarot of Empowerment deck) calls on you to transcend your emotions and stand firmly with self-control. Trust that you have the internal power and fortitude to endure and conquer the challenges that may rise up before you. True Strength relies on gentleness and focus, not the use of force. Strength gives you confidence to meet internal or worldly impediments with grace, unencumbered by emotional reactions. The year 2024 is a year to show yourself kindness, compassion, patience, and understanding. For a full reading of the Strength card, click here.

The other major arcana card that resonates with 8 in Tarot is the Star card (card number 17, which

reduces to 8). (The Star card from the Ethereal Visions deck by Matt Hughes.)

When the Star card comes up it indicates that you have achieved a sense of calm and grace because you know you are connected to the Universal source. Now, by opening to the divine within, you will be inspired with

gentle passion as your highest good finds its fullest expression. This card promises success in your future. Have the courage to follow your inspirations. You are directly connected to the source.

As you move into the energy of 2024 work with the energy of the Strength and Star cards, ask yourself these questions:

    Are there habits that need to change to bring you to a healthier place?

    Do you need to practice a little more self-discipline?

    Are you being loving and forgiving towards yourself?

    Are you willing to work with and trust your angels and guides?

This year you have the potential to go within and explore the places of fear, pain, anger, doubt, or whatever feels uncomfortable, and face it all with compassion, kindness, and acceptance.

To identify your personal year Tarot card, add your birth month, day and 2024, and reduce to a single digit. Go to Tarot of Empowerment to identify the cards that coincide with your personal year by going here.

Tarot card for January

January is a 9 universal month, represented in Tarot by Hermit (shown here by Ethereal Visions by Matt Hughes) and the Moon.

In numerology, the universal month is derived from the combination of the current calendar month and the

universal year number. January 2024 is a 9 universal month, because January is the first month in the calendar, which is added to 2024, which is 8: 1+8=9

In both numerology and the Tarot, the number 9 is associated with deep spiritual and introspective qualities.

The major arcana cards representing 9 in Tarot are the Hermit and the Moon card (18 reduced to 9).

The Hermit embodies qualities such as contemplation, solitude, and a quest for deeper understanding. Go within to search your soul to align with your unique life path. It is time for you to be alone time to hear the voice within. Take this opportunity to leave behind the pressures and distractions common in our lives. Listen to the voice of your highest consciousness, and act upon the knowledge you obtain from your meditation and search. Read the full meaning here.

The Moon(shown here from the Tarot of Empowerment deck) card symbolizes the subconscious mind, intuition, and the mysteries hidden beneath the surface. When the Moon comes up for you in a reading, be aware of the difference between illusions and reality and pay attention to the internal tides of your dreams and feelings. Take time to contemplate, listen carefully, and look for the light from within to reveal the truth of the matter. Learn to trust your intuition. Read the full meaning here.

The combination of Introspection (the Hermit) Tarot card and a 9 universal month in January 2024 suggests a period of introspection, completion, and gaining wisdom

from past experiences. It’s an excellent time for inner reflection, spiritual growth, and preparing for the next phase of your journey.

Calculate your personal month by adding your personal year (your birth month, plus day, plus 2024) to discover the numerology theme and the Tarot card that resonates with that number. Remember to reduce all numbers to a single digit. When you discover the number of your personal month, go here to read a full interpretation for and card from Tarot of Empowerment.

In the Sky

New Moon in Capricorn, January 11: Start practicing steps towards your new goals.

Full Moon in Leo, January 25: Practice self-love and self-care, valuing your own accomplishments.

Judyth’s Predictions for 2024

In numerology, the number 8 symbolizes power, balance, and achievement. It often signifies material and financial abundance, as well as a focus on career success, leadership, and authority. That aspect of 8 can bring about the energy of fierce competition that can bring about huge breakthroughs for humanity, or even more polarizing ideas moving forward.

However, the balance and karmic energy of 8 also emphasizes responsibility, ethics, and the consequences of actions taken in pursuit of goals. Young people will have the opportunity to have huge impacts on our global direction, including climate change, politics and peace.

Likewise, women will have a major political voice in 2024 as women’s rights and family autonomy will be major influences at the ballot box. I predict more women from both parties and perspectives will be elected in 2024 at all levels of government.

In 2024, there may be a global emphasis on financial stability, including an spotlight on workers wages and conditions. There will be numerous significant breakthroughs in different arenas including science, technology, and medicine.

AI will continue to be controversial, especially during the political season as over 60 nations are holding national elections to choose their leaders. Those nations include the United States, Russia, European Union, Mexico, and Taiwan to name a few. Likewise, military action will continue, and spread, as alliances are put to the test.

On the other hand, AI will actually create additional job opportunities and more innovative ways of doing business. Educators will experiment with new directions for students using AI in research and writing.

We’ll review these predictions in December. Meantime, you are welcome to share your predictions with me.

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