A Deeper Dive Into Monthly Numerology

Each month has two numbers that relate to numerology. The first number is the current number of the month in the calendar; for example, the current month, September, would 9, the 9th month of the calendar year. The second number is the Universal Month. The Universal Month is calculated by adding the Universal Year (add all the numbers in the year: 2022=6) to the current month. The Universal Month for September 2022 is 6: 6+9=15, which reduces to 6.

The influence of the Universal Numbers reflects the energy that everyone experiences to one degree or another. To get insight into how you personally will interact with the Universal energy, I suggest that you figure out your Personal Year and Personal Month energy.

To calculate your Personal Year, add the month and day you were born to the current year (2022=6). For example, my birthday is April 21, so I add 4 (month) to 21 (day) and 2022 (current year): 4+21+2022. Reduce all numbers to a single digit: 4+3+6=13=4.

To calculate your Personal Month, add your Personal Year to the current month. For example, since my Personal Year (see prior paragraph) is 4, I would add 4 to the current month, September, which is 9: 4+9=13=4.

For this month, my Personal Year and Month are the same. Next month, my Personal Year will still be a 4, but my Personal Month will be a 5: 4+10=14, which reduces to 5.

To help you understand how to integrate the energies of the numbers and the astrological influences, I am providing an illustration of how I can work with my numbers.

Based on the 4 of my Personal Month, the approach that will best suit me during September is to use structure and focus. The structure and focus will be around the September energy of 9 (Current Month) and 6 (Universal Month). I will also paying attention to the Moon, Retrograde, and Equinox.

The 9 energy for the current month is about completing the old in order to call in the new. It’s a change of season and in the Northern Hemisphere we are looking at moving to fall from summer, the change in planting, the crispness in the air.

The Universal Month 6 energy will be about people taking responsibility for family and community. We would expect that during this month, all of us—even those of us who don’t have children or grandchildren—will turn our focus towards what is going on with children, our schools, and our community.

My Personal Month is 4 energy, which is about structure and determination. Very likely, as I move through the 9 Current Month energy and the 6 Universal energy, I’ll put my focus on organizing what I want to call into my life by making lists and plans for clearing up and cleaning up what’s left from summer.

As we approach Mercury retrograde, I’ll remind myself to be more patient with communications, especially with my partner, and to leave a bit more time for travel. I’ll remind myself that my phone and computer are just doing their “Mercury retrograde thing” and try to make a joke of it. Because of the 4 energy, which is about structure, I’ll need to remind myself over and over that it’s not me, it’s just the universe.

A good exercise for me on the Full Moon will be to stop with the focus and structure, and to remind myself of my love for all that I do. It’ll also be a good time to check my intuition on what’s in my best and highest good.

During the Equinox, I’ll do a ceremony around releasing the old and calling in the new. I’ll light candles to see into the future and see where I’m making busy work for myself, and where I want to put my energy moving forward. How can I metaphorically clean my mental, spiritual, and physical space.

By the time I get to the New Moon, I hope to have an idea of what I intend for the next several months to come. I’ll make a list of what I want to manifest and call on my Angels and Guides to support me.

Hopefully, by knowing what my numbers are, I’ll have a focus to take personal empowering action and be less frustrated when things don’t always go as planned.