Reflecting on the Energy of Your Personal Numbers -End 2023

In past issues, I’ve written about how to anticipate your personal numerology energy for the year, such as 2023. Then I’ve written about the personal month energy each month as we’ve moved through the year. This month, I’m suggesting that you look at your personal year energy for 2023 and answer the questions about how well you utilized that energy in the course of the past year.

In January, this is what I wrote about the universal energy for 2023: “The theme for 2023 is about living your best self. It’s getting in touch with that deep part of you that is the finest of who you are.

Remember, the universal year is the energy everyone feels on some level. The personal year energy is the specific energy you will be feeling all year. In a perfect world, you would work with your personal year energy to manifest the theme of the universal energy, that is, living your best self and discovering who that is.

Let’s review how to calculate your personal year for 2023. In numerology there are several energies that work with each other. The “umbrella” energy for 2023 is the universal year, which is a 7 (2+0+2+3=7). The next level of energy you’re likely to work with is your personal year. To calculate your personal year, take your birth day and month, and reduce each number to a single digit. For example, for the birthday September 18, you would use the 9 for September and reduce the day, 18, to 9. To find the personal month for this birthday, add 9 (month) + 9 (day) +7 (universal year)=25, which reduces to 7. In 2023, this birthday would have 7 energy all year.


    1. Write down your month, day of birth, current year.

    2.Reduce all to a single digit.

    3. Add all of the single digits.

    4. Reduce the total of above to a single digit and you have your personal         year.

Now that you have completed the calculations, find your personal year in the list below and use the questions to reflect on the past year.

1 Personal Year: The 1 year was the beginning of a nine-year cycle. Did you take advantage of new opportunities and directions? Did you look ahead to determine what you want to accomplish during this 9 year cycle? Did you take risks by trying new ideas, foods, relationships?

2 Personal Year: This was the year when you had the opportunity to benefit from building personal and professional relationships. Were you an equal partner in these relationships so that you carry your own weight but didn’t lose yourself? Did you bring your true self to your relationships? Was your intuition maybe stronger this year?

3 Personal Year: The 3 year energy was compatible with finding opportunities for creativity, communication, and travel. Did you find ways to discover creative avenues to express your true self? Did you find ways to share your thoughts and feelings with friends?

4 Personal Year: The 4 Personal Year was good for setting the foundation for your future. Did you discover your best building blocks for upcoming years? Did you set your mind to manifest your goals and pay attention to the details of what is consistent with your true purpose in life?

5 Personal Year: You may have found the 5 year somewhat chaotic and confusing. The energy of the 7 Universal Year to discover your true and best self may have been in conflict with the 5 energy to explore a host of diverse opportunities. Did you find yourself searching for meaning? Did you release old habits and limitations? Did you find yourself owning who you are rather than mirroring others?

6 Personal Year: Harmony, responsibility, and balance are the keys to a 6 Personal Year. As you delved into the 7 Universal Year energy to discover more about your own needs, did you learn how to give more to your loved ones in a balanced way? Did you face your responsibilities while maintaining a balance between work and home? Did you find that your focus this year was about home?

7 Personal Year: The 7 Personal Year magnifies the effect of the 7 Universal Year. Did you seek more alone time for self-discovery? Did you yearn to rest, rejuvenate, and practice self-care? Were you self-critical or over analyzing? Were you drawn to find time to read, walk in nature, and find peace?

8 Personal Year: This Personal Year is typically a manifesting year; however, in a 7 Universal Year you may have found yourself seeking what excites your inner being. Did you have opportunities to be a leader and influencer to others? Did you build and create in the material world, doing so in a stringently ethical way?

9 Personal Year: The 9 Personal Year is the last of a 9 year cycle. Did you find yourself clearing out closets, projects, and relationships that no longer work for you? Did the 7 Universal Year energy prompt you to discover what is in your highest and best good and then to eliminate those projects and people who do not support you? Did you clear things out so that you have space next year to begin a new 9 year cycle?