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Welcome to March, the month of rebirth, creativity, and awakening. March is a time of hope; as the days get longer, the weather usually gets a bit more temperate, and flowers begin to bloom. Easter, as it’s celebrated today with eggs and bunnies, is a remnant of a Pagan holiday celebrating around the Vernal Equinox. The eggs and bunnies are symbols of fertility, new life, and rebirth.

March is a great time to practice your manifestation skills, and the coaching corner has step by step instructions about how to manifest your desires. As with all of my coaching, adapt the information to your own practices and intuition. You can manifest!

A gentle reminder to talk to your guides. Remember, they are here just for you; don’t leave them alone.



                                                                                     Coaching Corner

Talking to Your Spiritual Partner

As an empowerment coach, I’m often called upon to guide my clients on how to manifest something in their lives. It might be a better job, a life partner, or some money. Whatever the desire to manifest, there are four basic steps I’ll be discussing in the next few newsletters. I’ll explain each of those steps, and the common blocks, along with suggestions for how to resolve those blocks.

A word of warning. You may have read some of the thousands of articles about how to manifest. And you may have spent a great deal of money on those resources and yet still have difficulty manifesting. What I am writing about here is a guide with the general steps because you must discover your own way that resonates with you and with your concept of spirit. This approach doesn’t cost you anything but time and practice.

I refer to my spiritual partners as angels and guides. Not everyone is comfortable with those terms, and if you are one of them, come up with your own term that represents spirit in your life. I refer to my angels and guides as my partners because we work together towards common goals.

Everyone has their own spiritual partners, and it’s important to acknowledge them. Especially if you aren’t sure that you have spiritual partners, you should begin your own form of communicating with them so that they can show themselves to you and make their presence known.

When I was a little girl, I used to talk to God frequently because that was the only name, or entity, that I was introduced to. Although the talking was usually about getting me out of trouble, or keeping me from getting caught, I felt like I was making a connection. From a fairly young age I looked for a friend in spirit, rather than the Biblical frightening know-all guy in the sky who would call for awful things to happen if anyone didn’t do exactly as he commanded.

Finally, when I was still a fairly young adult, I was introduced to the world of non-religious spiritual belief. As I just wrote this, I almost used the term, non-traditional rather than non-religious, but this belief that we work with the spirits is a tradition as old as humanity. Working with spiritual partners is personal, beautiful, and magical.

How do you know that your spiritual partners hear you? It’s when everything seems to flow. You are being heard and in sync with your partners when there are coincidences, like thinking about a friend and that friend calls you or you run into them right away.

Two of the most common questions I’m asked as a coach are, “How can I communicate with my angels and guides?” and “How do I know if they hear me?”

I believe that almost any approach works, and if you just start you will probably find your way. I believe that your spiritual partners are here for no other reason than to guide you, help you, and reward you in your lifetime. If you ignore your guides, or are afraid to call on them, they will do the best they can, but it makes their job much more difficult. Like any partnership, it’s important to communicate well, rather than having to guess what the other wants. You are the leader in this partnership. You are the one who says what is wanted; your guides deal with the how to get it for you.

Many of my clients are surprised when they discover what a sense of joy they find when they’ve accepted that they’re being heard and responded to by their spiritual partners. The communication may come in a dream, or an answer that just comes to them. It may come with a strong sense to take an action without understanding why, and then realizing it’s the correct next step.

The feeling of being heard can be so powerful, and joyful, that your life feels more complete and secure because you know you will never be truly alone.

Fun work: Remember, this is the first step in manifesting and is critical in setting you up for success. Talk to your spiritual partners often in the course of the day. For example, when I get in the car, I try to always say, “wrapped in silver and protected.” Below are some other suggestions, but don’t limit yourself. Maybe ask your spiritual partners how they want to communicate.

1. Greet them in the morning, and thank them for being in your life.

2. Ask them to show you a sign that they are with you.

3. Meditate.

4. Pick an oracle after asking a question.

5. Create a vision board, asking them to guide you.

Listen for a response, not just with your ears, but with your heart. Play with them. Feel free to share your experiences with me. Perhaps, with your permission, I’ll add your experience to my next newsletter.


The Universal month number for March is 2, which in numerology stands for cooperation, harmony, and balance. Remember, the Universal month is calculated by adding the calendar month (which is 3 for March), to the year (2024=8). So, 3+8=11. Eleven is then reduced to a single digit, 2.

The number 2 is often linked to harmony, cooperation, balance, and relationships. It’s a gentle and diplomatic energy that encourages collaboration and finding common ground. During a month associated with the number 2, people may find themselves focusing on partnerships, teamwork, and maintaining balance in their lives.

The Personal Month is related to your birth day and tells you what energy to expect this month. Reduce your birth day and month to a single digit. For example, a November 23 birthday would be 2 (November is 11th month reduced to 2) + 5 (23 reduced to 5) = 7. For the November 23 birthday, the Personal Month is a 7, no matter what year the person was born.

Personal Month Calculation

In numerology each number from 1 to 9 carries distinct characteristics and energies. Below are the general energies associated with the number of the Personal Month that you can expect to experience this month.

The Personal Month number provides a snapshot of the predominant energies influencing an individual during a given month.

 Personal Month 1

The 1 Personal Month is the time to embrace new beginnings. Set goals for the next 9 months and welcome the chance to initiate opportunities for change.

Personal Month 2

The 2 Personal Month is the time that relationships will garner the most attention. You’ll find you seek harmony and balance, and you’ll have the urge to compromise.

Personal Month 3

The 3 Personal Month is an ideal time to express yourself creatively. Explore innovative ways to communicate or engage in artistic pursuits.

Personal Month 4

The 4 Personal Month is the time for you to be practical in the way you pursue your goals. You’ll find you are more comfortable than usual in organizing your life and objectives.

Personal Month 5

The 5 Personal Month will be a month of adventures and exploration. Be prepared to be more flexible than usual and to edge beyond your comfort zone.

Personal Month 6

The 6 Personal Month is a good time to focus on family in a nurturing way. Family can be relatives or your chosen family through friends.

Personal Month 7

The 7 Personal Month is a time for you to look deeply within. You may find yourself exploring spiritual growth as you delve into your inner self.

Personal Month 8

The 8 Personal Month brings a focus on achievement and abundance. You’ll find it’s a good time to make strategic decisions to towards your goals.

Personal Month 9

The 9 Personal Month completes the cycle you began in your 1 month.This month is a good time to finish incomplete tasks and reflect on your accomplishments. Be compassionate with yourself and others.

Sky Influences

New Moon in Pisces, March 10: Sit back, relax, and meditate. This is a good time to take time for yourself and go within.

Full Moon in Libra, Lunar eclipse, March 25: Imagine that you are the person you want to become. How do you see yourself, and what are your goals?

Oracle cards by Paige Woods

There are a lot of different kinds of oracle decks other than Tarot. I was recently introduced to a new deck by Paige Woods. This deck is made up of single words with an explanation on her website,

The card I pulled for us all for the month of March is CREATE. The message is:

What a wonderful and exciting time for you.

Something new is coming your way, if it hasn’t already. This could be a new idea, a new person or a new opportunity. This is something you deserve and have all of the tools to commit to.

This is also the time in which change is afoot, embrace it with loving arms.

Change brings growth, excitement, opportunity to shift focus. You may receive unexpected news, keep an open mind, not all news seems like good news at first glance. If this is the case, don’t react immediately.

Give yourself time to develop new perspective before moving forward.

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