4 Month Tarot Spread

Originally I created this as a year reading, but it seems more useful for 4 month reading and can even be adapted as a 4 week reading.  I’ve been using this reading since January and the feedback has been very positive. It may seem like a lot of information for 4 weeks but I’ve had clients in major crises that really need the detail and direction of this reading.

We’ll use the 4 month reading for this example.  First, you pull cards to identify the energy for each of the elements in the entire 4 month cycle: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional.

Then pull cards to identify 4 areas of study for each of the 4 months: (1) theme, (2) hopes and fears, (3) best course of action and (4) challenge.

Notice there’s not an outcome. That’s because this layout tells an ongoing story. You could add an outcome as a variation, but I would recommend only using an outcome at the end of the 4 month time period and not for each month.

The reading layout looks like this:

Month  1                                                                                   Month  2

Theme                  Hope/fear                                            Theme                  Hope/fear

Best course        Challenge                                           Best course        Challenge

                Month 3                                                                               Month  4

Theme                  Hope/fear                                          Theme                 Hope/fear

Best course        Challenge                                           Best course        Challenge

A couple of notes about how I read the cards. Reversed cards usually represent an internal process or sometimes a block or what’s coming on the horizon but not yet here. When I’m unsure I put the card in context with the rest of the cards and use my intuition. When I’m still not sure I pull a clarifier card.

I look for patterns (repeating numbers, suits), the number of major arcane and aces to determine the significance of the reading for the person asking the question.

Please let me know how you this reading works for you.