Empowerment Work for The New Year

Be empowered! Use the exercise below to make a commitment to taking control of your life in the New Year.
There are several approaches to his exercise: journal about what comes to mind for each question; pull a Tarot card for each question and think about what it means; randomly open an inspirational book to a different page for each question, or pull a rune for each question.

The example below is based on using the Major Arcana cards.

  • What one card represents one major goal for my life for this New Year?
  • To reach my goal, what do I leave behind?
  • What energy do I call to myself to help me reach my goal?
  • What is the key opportunity that will present itself to me this year?
  • What is the key challenge I’m likely to face in the year ahead?
  • In a perfect world, how would I deal with the opportunities and challenges this year?

After you answer and consider each question, put your responses aside in an accessible place. Make a note on your calendar to periodically review what you’ve written. The information gleaned from answering these questions will help to keep you on track to reach your goals.