Tarot as a Tool to Sell Property

Feeling trapped or unsure about where to go or what to do next in selling your property or releasing an old relationship? We often get on a mental hamster wheel going over the same issues and options repeatedly until we end up feeling helpless and without options. Tarot is a great tool to give you new perspectives to clear the confusion.

Recently I did a reading for a woman who wanted to sell her house in an often overlooked area in her community. The realtor had an open house for her and had brought people for viewings but nothing was happening. The realtor seemed to be trying and said that things were just slow in the market.

We did a reading to see where the energy was getting stuck in releasing the house. Although the move was HER idea and we thought it might be the husband who was holding back, the cards indicated that it was her attachment to her garden that was holding her there. Right away, she recognized the truth of it and we did a release ceremony and some additional releasing ceremony based on that information disclosed in the cards.

Sure enough, within a month the house sold even though the selling market is still slow there. The reading offered action suggestions that changed the energy around the house and the ceremony released the energy that was connecting the people to the house.

Are you trying to release property or a old relationship? Give me a call and let’s chat about what we can do about it.