Reading to Find Your Authentic Self

I have a friend/client who is investing her time and energy in building a jewelry business. She is taking webinars and learning how to be efficient with the many options for getting her products to market. In the course of her studies, she realized there are gaps in what she knows about her approach to business and what is her authentic business self. This is the layout I used to explore the idea.

1. What card best represents my authentic self at this time? 8 Fire, lightening rod

You are attracting a lot of energy around you, and your products are a way to connect with you. This is the time for prioritizing where your passions lie and what you want to put out into the world.

2. What energy do I call on to assist me to honor my authentic self? Magician

Once you prioritize everything, what is it you most want to do to make your living? You have the attention of people who like what you have to offer. Most likely, the people who already buy from you recognize that you have other talents and teachings to offer. What do you want to authentically produce? Your jewelry, your teachings or a combination of both?

3. What is in my best interest to remove from my energy? 10 Wind

You are at a crossroads in how you think about yourself in the world. In this position in the reading, the cards suggest you give up old ways of thinking. You are ready to move beyond your old patterns and ways of thinking.

4. What is my best course of action at this time? Wheel of Fortune

Understand that this is a time of change. Your course of action is to stay balanced in this time of change. Allow the wheel to turn. Some things will fall away, and that is okay.

Let’s look at how the cards relate to each other. We see that her clients are initiallly  attacted to her jewelry (fire). As they get to know her they become attracted to her ideas. Her jewelry is her tool to introduce the ideas.  She’s been hesitant to move forward in her teaching (10 Wind). If she authentically wants to become a teacher she has the Magician energy too manfest those desires. The Magician uses the elements to connect to her authentic self: fire, her true passion (teaching); earth, her security (make it pay); wind, her communication (ideas to teach); and water, the emotional ties she has with her clients (integrating the love her clients have for her jewelry to discovering what she has to teach them about life). Her best course of action is to move forward to the next step in her authentic life (Wheel of Fortune).