Mirror Messages to Yourself

We manifest what we pay attention to in our lives. Become aware of where you are putting your mental and emotional energy. Read below about how the mirror will help you be a reflection of who you want to become.

I’ve talked before about how impactful the messages are that we repeat to ourselves. I’ve suggested that you listen with awareness of what message you are sending with your “self-speak”. How often do you say something like, “I’m so dumb,” or “I wish I weren’t so [put your word of inadequacy here].”? This kind of self-speak keeps you in an old paradigm that doesn’t serve you.

Paying attention to what you consider your faults supports those faults rather than the person who has the traits you admire. The universe needs to hear what you appreciate about yourself, what you want to become, or what you want to draw into your life.

Here’s an example of changing your message. I found myself forgetting a name or a word and joking that I was experiencing a senior moment. Once I realized that I was reinforcing forgetfulness, I changed my self-speak. I said to myself, “Remember the word.” As soon as I remembered the word I would pat myself on the back and praise my memory. In a short period of time the pat on the back was enough to reinforce to the universe that I wanted to remember and not have senior moments. My instances of forgetfulness reduced and I felt more confident of my memory.

The mirror is a reflection of who we are and can be useful in changing the perception of self. A technique that I often use when I want to make change in my life is to place a note on a mirror that I will see every day. The change may be an attitude about my relation to myself, a reminder of what I am, or what I want to become. Or it may be a thought about what I want to create in the world.

Try this exercise for at least a month.

1. Listen to your self-speak. Make a list about what is empowering about yourself and what is negative?

2. Take the negative messages, such as, “I just did a dumb thing,” and change it to something like, “That was a mistake I can do differently next time .”

3. Read the positive message, pay attention to the people, circumstances and opportunities that present themselves that reinforce the message.

4. Know that you deserve to be loved and honored!

5. Drop me a note honoring your success or difficulties with this experiment.