Connect to your Guides

Some people call them guides, some call them angels. Learn how to communicate with those beings who are in your aura that want to help you. These are the beings who have been with you since birth and some that have come to you in the course of your lifetime.

Their purpose is to help you achieve your highest potential. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to learn how to communicate (or to believe the communication) with them.

Even if you don’t know if you believe there are guides, act as though you have them. Your guides know you are here, now it’s time to learn that they are here with you. Trust, for this moment at least, that we all have guides. Have no doubt that they have tried to communicate with you, but you may not have understood or heard the message. (You can always change your mind later.)

Setting the stage
Your guides are here to help you achieve your highest potential. You are here, on this earth, in order to have a human experience. So often in the New Age conditioning we are told that we must ascend or move beyond the human experience. I don’t believe that at all. I believe we are here, on this plane, to do the human experience with all of its physical, mental, emotional challenges and successes.  In the process of this earthly experience, we have the opportunity to connect to the spiritual which can unite us with the One.  Our guides are that link between the spiritual and the One.

You may ask, if it’s true the guides are here to help me reach my highest potential, “Why haven’t they saved me from the problems I’ve suffered in my life?” Your guides are just one ingredient in the mix of how your life moves forward. In all cases you have free will and you make the decisions about, and determine your reactions to, situations that arise in this life. Your guides are your allies, not your dictators.

In my readings I ensure the environment is safe and then invite your guides and my guides to use me as a vessel to communicate what the universe (the One, your guides) want you to know. Through these experiences I’ve learned that though the guides are sometimes serious, they also have a wonderful sense of humor and they love to play. Many times they show their humor through the irony of the card selected or the very specific wording of a message to you. When you look at the giantisism of the universe and of all the eons, many of our day to day problems must seem a bit amusing in the long run.

Haven’t you ever been in a situation where it seemed horrifying at the time and years later you end up laughing about your response to it? Your guides will often show you a bit of humor in the moment. That’s not to suggest they ever laugh at you or that they don’t take you seriously, they just have a much longer term perspective. Laughter and joy open the heart chakra and encourage creativity and imagination. Pleasure and play open your heart chakra and let light into your soul.

The lesson for this month is to invite communication with your guides by saying, “I know you are with me and I want to communicate with you.”  Look for signs that they are trying to communicate with you. Thank your guides when there is a “coincidence” in your life, such as, thinking of a person and then running into or receiving a call from them.

Now that you have some evidence that the guides are with you, the next step to practice communicating very clearly about what you want from them. They will help you if they know what you want so it’s up to you to be clear about your intention. When I enlist the aid of the guides in Tarot readings the querent’s guides often give me  clear exercises to be completed by the person. It might be to write something down or draw a photo or even to visit a particular place. You must be clear about what you want to manifest and then follow your intuition, or the small little voice within you.

Begin by thinking about your intention. For example, if your intention is to get a new job write down what the characteristics of the job would be. Perhaps, your list might include a good financial situation, creative opportunities, fun co-workers and the appropriate level of responsibility.

Write down your list. Envision living with everything included in that list. Once you know what it is you want, ask your guides to manifest it with you.

Now this is where it often gets tricky.
You know what you want, your guides are trying to communicate with you, and yet, it might seem to you that nothing is happening. Actually, there are three things that typically get in the way of working with your guides:

1. You didn’t do the exercise or you weren’t clear in what you wrote down. Solution, review what you are asking for and add some detail. Check with someone else to see if they clearly understand your intention.

2. You have a feeling that your guide is trying to show you what to do next, but it doesn’t make “sense” so you don’t do it. Your guide may communicate through thoughts, by showing you a coincidence, or by putting a person with the answer in front of you. They communicate in many ways, so be open to whatever comes your way.

3. You know what you want, but in some deep way you don’t feel “worthy” of receiving it. This is the biggest culprit and, in my opinion, the hardest to resolve. You have to learn to trust that you are worthy of receiving whatever is in your highest good. Repeat: I am worthy of receiving whatever is in my highest good. (That can mean financial security, a good job, an understanding companion, a secure house.)

Set your intention clearly, trust your intuition, know you are worthy and your guides will lead you to it.