3 Blocks to listening to your Guides

People often tell me their guides don’t speak to them or they can’t hear their guides. Below are the 3 most common blocks to hearing your guides. I can assure you, they do want to communicate with you.

1. You are not listening with an open heart because you have a lack of trust.
Solution: Ask your guides to help you build up trust. Take note of when you think they may be communicating with you or guiding you and thank them for being there for you. Pay attention to what you are asking for and then pay attention to the results. Remember to ask out loud – the vibrations of the voice help the process.

2. You are in such negative energy you cannot hear your guides.
Solution: Take the time to be quiet and still. Ask your guides to come to you to lead you away from the negative energy. Breathe deeply and ask for a sign from them that things will get better. Pay attention to what comes next.

3. You are not hearing the information you want to hear so you second guess or argue with the guides.
Solution: Be honest with yourself about the information that is coming your way. If it’s time to make a change but you keep staying in the same situation you may feel that your guides are not communicating when, in fact, they are telling you to leave.

Practice, practice communicating, thanking, playing and singing with your guides and you will become more aware of them with greater frequency.