Manifesting Part 2

This is Manifesting Part 2 – See Part 1 here, Part 3 here.

In March I introduced the first part of learning to manifest what you want to call into your life. That first step is to talk to you spiritual partners (click here to read the March article). I pointed out that even if you don’t believe you have angels and guides, or spiritual partners, just act as though you do. This will give them a chance to make themselves known to you. You might call the results a coincidence, but I still suggest you give thanks to the whoever or whatever you decide to call them because they are there for you.

Step 2 begins once you have begun communicating with your spiritual partners and you get clear about what you want to manifest. Perhaps it’s a new job. If so, get clear about what you want in a new job. Put in the details that are important to you. Do NOT write what you don’t want associated with the new job. Write down what your new job would do for you; perhaps it would be closer to home, or you would make more money. Just be sure that it is what you want, not what someone else thinks would be important in a new job. Once you are clear about what you want to manifest, write and then say, “This or better.”

The next task is as important as deciding what you want to manifest. Do NOT engage your doubts. If doubts creep into your thoughts, talk to your angels and guides by restating what you want to manifest. You are co-creating with them.

When we lived in Corvallis, Oregon, I wanted a job as a foreign student advisor, but there were no positions within the colleges or universities within an hour drive. I couldn’t imagine how a job could manifest, but I kept asking my guides. Mind you, I was pretty new at consciously manifesting, so I had all of the doubts and fears you might feel. I kept repeating, “There is one power, the perfect power. I Judyth call on the perfect power to manifest for me the perfect job.” I had already written out more details about what that perfect job would look like.

One day, out of the blue, my husband asked if I had seen a job description for a position in Washington that he just read about. I told him I couldn’t look at something that far away unless he would be willing to give up his tenured position so that we could move. He thought about it and said he would because I had supported his various ventures.

We packed up our family and moved to Bellingham and I became the Director of Foreign Students for Skagit Valley College. Not a foreign student advisor position, but better. Remember, this or better.

Just like me, you can also manifest what you want to call into your life. Review Step 1 about talking to your spiritual partners; then write down what you want to manifest. Be clear and share it with your angels and guides.

Next month I’ll explain the final step in manifesting. In the meantime, ask for what you want. Be willing to believe that you are co-creating. This or better.