Empower Yourself for Abundance

Do you have an issue with being empowered to claim abundance in your life? In order to claim abundance, first you need to define what abundance means to you.

Begin by identifying when you have felt in harmony with abundance. It may have been due to material possessions, perhaps it was a sense of love, or maybe it was being in nature. How did it feel, what was your attitude at the time?

We seldom attract abundance when we hold a pessimistic attitude towards the world. When we are negative our chakras are closed down and we can’t let any light into our soul. When we are indifferent or apathetic with the universe it can knock on our doors over and over and we don’t respond because we can’t hear or feel the knock.

Sometimes we need an attitude adjustment and we are so low we can’t seem to get the energy to make the change. When that happens, try this: either from your own deck, or from the Tarot of Empowerment card draw here, call on your guides (or whatever you call on) to show you the one card that will help you claim a positive attitude. Meditate on that card.

Next, draw a card that represents what is in the way of you being able to fully incorporate the lessons of the first card. This card represents the underlying energy that is keeping you from moving forward.

Finally, draw a card for what is your next best step in claiming a more abundant life, as you have defined abundance.

As a former student, Sophie Q Horst, once wrote after a workshop, “Abundance isn’t about money – it is about the flow of life, about giving and receiving, and about not holding on to whatever might block the flow, whether it’s feelings of hurt or anger or simply being unwilling to give of yourself when it’s needed.”

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