What Do You Want to Harvest in Your Life?

There are a few steps in this month’s coaching, so follow through to the end.

Take a moment to think about what you want to call into your life. Are you being positive, or are you blocking your desires when you think about or verbalize what you want?

I’ve noticed that people often speak or write their desire in a positive way when they are doing an exercise to manifest, but their conversation often brings up the negative about the same subject. For example, as an exercise, a person may write that she wants a good job, but in conversation she consistently brings up what she doesn’t like about her job. Phrases that are often repeated are most likely to be manifested, so don’t just say the positive when you are in ceremony or a class.

Speak up for what you do want, rather than what you don’t want. For example:

I want a clean house, rather than, I don’t want to have a dirty house.

I want to be with a wonderful, compatible person, rather than, I don’t want to be alone.

I want to have wonderful communication with my partner, rather than, I don’t want to fight with my partner.

I want a job that is creative and supportive with good money, rather than my job is not interesting or challenging.

Try to catch yourself as you are speaking throughout the day to understand what you are actually manifesting.

Next, call on your Guides to help you manifest what you want to call into your life. It’s important to communicate directly with them so that they know you want their help. Just like you want to be acknowledged, your Guides want to be recognized by you.

The deal about working with your Guides is that you need to expect the unexpected. They work from a different realm than you do and have powers that can be bewildering. Have you ever had the experience of thinking about a friend and the phone rings to find them on the line? Have you ever wanted to purchase something and then suddenly the money shows up? These are examples of your guides wanting to be noticed. Imagine what you could do as a team!

So, call on your Guides, ask them to play, and let them know what you want, but don’t expect the outcome to manifest in a particular way. Expect what you want to come in an unexpected way.