5 steps to deal with your monsters

In the last several days many people have reported, among other things, having nightmares about gas chambers, dark monsters coming out of the floor, premonitions of huge earth changes or power struggles in personal or business [Read more…]

Ask Judyth – Manifest a New Situation

Dear Judyth,

I’m in a bad living situation and I can’t seem to find my way out. I have a job but I don’t make a lot of money. I decided to take a room in a friend’s house to save money. The current situation has become very stressful because my friend is needy and full of drama. So, I have found a low rent, low quality apartment I don’t like, but I really need to leave. Please help!
Desperate [Read more…]

How to Manifest Intentions

Are you truly committed to what you want to manifest? You must be committed to focusing on what you want and learning to trust that you receive your intention. Keep your intention in the front of your mind. Say the words of power [Read more…]