5 steps to deal with your monsters

In the last several days many people have reported, among other things, having nightmares about gas chambers, dark monsters coming out of the floor, premonitions of huge earth changes or power struggles in personal or business relationships. These issues feel like monsters that take over their lives.

When I get so many reports reflecting similar energy I like to check in with an astrologer to see if there is a collective influence affecting us. I gave a call to astrologers Nancy Canyon and Janet Hickox to ascertain if there is an astrological reason prompting this anxiety and they each reminded me that we just had an eclipse on May 20 and Pluto is squaring Uranus, which is a powerful transit.

Many of us will feel the pressure to change quickly. Another aspect of this time is that the secrets we’ve kept, individually and collectively, will most likely be revealed (the fear of that could be a source of nightmares). Suffice it to say that change is in the air. This astrological alignment suggests the challenge is to look within (rather than outside) for what we need to change and grow. This will be a recurring transit over the next few years, so honing your skills for dealing with it could make your life more joyful.

Whether it’s the cosmos or your own issues, my goal here is to give you strategies to get through the stress you may be feeling in the next month or so (or anytime). You can go to the internet for astrological details.

1. Remember to breathe. This is always my first advice when I hear a voice with a lot of anxiety (along with my advice to take a hit of Bach Rescue Remedy). Exercise: When you feel anxious or upset give yourself a timeout and concentrate on your breath; in and out, deep breaths. If the anxiety comes up when you’re in a situation with another person imagine a bubble of oxygen surrounding and protecting you while feeding you good clean air. If you awake in a panic, surround yourself with the bubble of understanding, love and pure oxygen.

2. Look into yourself to untangle the issues that are behind the dreams, relationship or work issues. Dreams are often symbolic of what’s going on in your life, and remember that what you see in the media or books you’re reading can also contribute to your dreams. Relationship issues often have hidden truths about you or the other. Exercise: State your hopes and fears about the issue or dream. This is a really important step and writing things down in the middle of the night relieves your brain from going over and over the issues. (I call this getting off the mental hamster wheel.)

3. Separate what’s real from what’s not. Whether it’s a bad dream or a bad relationship, it’s important to sort out the truth of the issue. Exercise: Articulate what you want to be different about the issue.

4. Pay attention to your self-speak. Are you repeatedly putting yourself down?  Are you repeating old habits and patterns that don’t serve you? (who doesn’t?) Exercise: Set an alarm for every half hour or hour. When it goes off write down what you are thinking about and the language you are using. If you are thinking less than wonderful thoughts about your own beautiful self, write a sentence that would turn that negative thought into positive action.

5. Be aware of what’s going on around you. Be present to your surroundings and to the people around you. It’s not only safe, it can be very rewarding. Exercise: Practice and note how your intuition guides you and if a situation doesn’t feel right extract yourself. Listen to how others are speaking to and about you. Graciously accept praise. Put critical comments in your pocket to recover later and decide if the criticism is fair, or if your relationship with the person needs to change.

These are tools for you to employ when the need arises. You can do any or all of these exercises whenever you feel anxiety and a desire to remedy it. In any case, you will be going through change and you will have anxieties because that’s the nature of life. You will move forward.

It can help to have a person to help you through these stages and I’m happy to assist if you wish.