How to Manifest Intentions

Are you truly committed to what you want to manifest? You must be committed to focusing on what you want and learning to trust that you receive your intention. Keep your intention in the front of your mind. Say the words of power for what you want to manifest. Be open to the unexpected. Be sure that your actions are in accordance with your intention. If you want to manifest a new job, send out a resume. If you want to have a new relationship open your heart and believe that you have something unique to offer the person who is right for you.

Are you willing to release whatever is keeping you from manifesting the essence of your intention, even if it is a subconscious thought? Listen to your self talk. Are you telling yourself that this will never happen for me? Or, are you not willing to do the work (new resume) because you don’t know what you want to do so why bother? Or, are you staying in an old relationship because your expect the person to change rather than understanding that it is you who has to make the choice to change how you are responding to the situation? Any time a limiting thought comes up repeat, “I release this thought and call on the power to manifest [state your intention].

Are you willing to live with the consequences of what you are manifesting? Sometimes you can manifest what you think you want, and then realize there are consequences you hadn’t anticipated. When I tried to manifest a job and it was in a different state I had to accept the consequences and move my family from a community we loved. Sometimes the job offer will be in another city or the perfect relationship has children attached. If you are not willing to move or share parenting roles you must make those conditions a part of your intention. You must specify what you want rather than expect the universe will know what you want. Maybe your guides want you in a different city or believe you have the parenting skills. Be sure you know what you are asking for.

Are you willing to release expectations about how and where you manifestations will come about? Another time I felt stuck in my job but didn’t know how to move to something new. I wanted to manifest something different and exciting. A series of coincidences led me to apply for, and get, a job I hadn’t even known existed. The lesson here is to open your energetic field and be willing to explore what appears to be even a hint of what could be in the direction where you want to go.

Are you willing to be open to the trust and belief in your guides and in the power of transformation? I have learned that my guides love to communicate with me, just as your guides want to communicate with you. We don’t always hear them, and sometimes we don’t believe them, but they are always with us and they truly want what’s in our best interests. For years my ego won over my guides because they wanted me to just be in service to spirit. My ego wanted a position in the community: educator, business owner, and administrator. After many years my guides were very clear that this is the work I must do and I must do it NOW. Since I’ve accepted that work my life has been amazingly blessed (each of you reading this is a part of the blessing).

Are you willing to accept that you are worthy for that which you desire? This is often the kicker. There are few among us who really believes they are good enough and worthy enough to have all they have asked for. This is also the most challenging question to answer and may require the help of others who can reflect back to you your worthiness. Be willing to get help through friends or a support group. If you need more structure, be willing to look at a coaching or therapy program. Sometimes it’s too much to try to do on your own. Listen when people you love tell you how wonderful you are. You need to learn to hear them before you can hear your guides.