When is it time to leave?

I’m not sure what’s been in the air, but several recent Tarot readings I’ve done have been about leaving a relationship, job or residence.  Sometimes when we are releasing something, or someone, we feel that we are abandoning the situation or person.

It’s important to remember is that when we release something we are providing new opportunities for us and for others. It’s a good practice to call in beneficial energy to replace our energy in the situation. The beneficial  energy can actually serve the situation better than if we had stayed involved.

Ending a relationship

I did a reading about 2 friends who seemed to be at an impasse in moving forward with their relationship. Jan requested a reading because she felt that her friend was requiring her to change in order to remain friends.

Here’s the story the cards told. The cards acknowledge that the situation is causing a lot of anxiety and Jan’s lesson is to move out of the stressful situation. She needs to understand the stress that there have been unspoken rules and patterns in the relationship.

Jan’s friend has to deal with her own fears and anxiety in order to move forward and Jan can’t help her with that process. In order for Jan to move away from the relationship she ought to take a lighter view and not engage in soul searching conversations about the meaning behind each persons’ actions. It is a time for Jan to decide that she will disengage herself from the relationship even if it leads to permanent closure.

Jan felt tremendous relief because she realized she has actually been feeding her friend’s need to control the friendship. She took a fairly light attitude and said, “Our friendship has been dear and now it’s getting complicated. Let’s stay in touch and visit on occasion as we both move forward.”

It worked! No blame, no engaging in what one person needs from the other, no harsh words. The stress both people felt was replaced by a sense of empowerment for each of them.

Ending a relationship with a house

Another reading I did this week involved Mary who loves her current home but knows she needs to move because of life circumstances. As we pulled cards about releasing the house and we were reminded us that it’s as important, if not more important, to call energy toward the house for the perfect people to replace Mary.

Mary couldn’t really release the property because she felt she would be abandoning her large bountiful garden, even though she couldn’t keep up with the work it required.

The new energy Mary is calling in is for a person or family with the vitality to take care of the land. She is calling someone who will love the house and keep it in loving repair. She will talk to the land and the house through ceremony, leading the spirits that reside there to understand she is not abandoning the property, but calling in new, nurturing vitality.

How do you know if it’s time to leave? Ask yourself the following questions (with or without Tarot cards):

  • What best describes the situation you are in at this time?
  • What were your hopes and dreams when you entered into the relationship (job, property, etc.)?
  • What is missing?
  • What is your best course of action in the situation? (Remember, the action must be yours to take, not someone elses).
  • Now that you know the best course of action, how do you do it?
  • What is the challenge that gets in the way of you carrying out your best course of action?
  • How can you meet the challenge and be successful?