What is Numerology?

It can be a big relief to understand your patterns and to have direction towards changing them. Numerology is an informative and fun way to learn about your lessons in life. Life Path readings are a great gift for a new born (person or business), wedding, name change, or important anniversaries.

The total value of the numbers in your birth date will tell you what your life lesson is. That is, the lesson that keeps coming up over and over in the course of your lifetime. I often start intuitive readings by finding out the theme of energy in your personal year (day and month of birth added to current year). Even for me it’s surprising how well the themes resonate with the client.

The values given to the letters in a name are summarized to explain your Expression, or how you appear in the world. The total value of the vowels reveals the Soul Urge, that is, what will truly bring joy to your soul.

A numerology reading can help you integrate the information and become aware of old patterns and change those that are no longer useful.