4 Things to Get from a Tarot Reading

I’m often surprised when people tell me they are afraid of Tarot, “because I’ve had a reading and it was so accurate.”

Did you get a reading because you didn’t think it would be accurate or tell you something new?

I’ve come to realize that folks who are afraid of Tarot had a reading experience from someone who gave them information without context or what to do when an anticipated event comes to pass.

I don’t think anyone should walk away from a reading in fear – nor should they be afraid when an event takes place. I believe that a good reader give you the tools to deal with what’s coming up in your life.

Three things are important to get from a reading:

1. What is really going on around your question

2. What’s likely coming up

3. What is the best potential action you can take

4. You are empowered to take the correct action

I recently did a reading for a woman who felt her entire life was out of control. She had questions about where she was living, her relationship with her husband and about her job.

It was clear that the most useful information would be to learn how she could get a control back in her life.

The reading demonstrated that she had a constant need to please others.

She discovered her best course of action was to set boundaries and embrace her strengths.

Her challenge was having enough faith in herself to be strong enough to set those boundaries.

The way to meet the challenge was to: first, decide where she wanted her boundaries to b. Second, to write them down and imagine what these boundaries would mean to herself and to those around her. Third, to communicate with those around her in a clear and loving way.

She felt empowered because she understood how to take the best course of action and meet the challenge.

She contacted me later to say she was surprised how much she was able to accomplish and that her situation has improved in all of the areas we discussed. She recognized that she had been passive-aggressive and that by communicating her desires in a loving way her relationships all improved.

Had she only been told a confrontation was coming with her husband or co-workers the outcome would have been very different.

In another reading a woman came to discuss what to do about the relationship she has with one of her sons.

After a few cards it soon became clear that the issue was not with the son she was asking about, but her issue was really about her relationship with another son.

By the end of the reading she understood the complexity of her situation with both sons. She was able to see that only by dealing with the second son would she be able to deal with the question she had about the first son.

Clarity about the situation was critical in this situation. Without the reading  she would very likely have taken actions that would have made her relationships worse with both sons. The reading empowered her to take positive action.

When you have a Tarot readings you should walk away feeling stronger, understand your best course of action, be more capable to face your challenges and feel confident in the decisions that you will be facing in the future.