21 The World

The World Card - Tarot of Empowerment Deck

Step beyond the confines of the world
The journey comes to an end
Lessons have been mastered
Acknowledge and celebrate completion

The World represents the pause that comes as you take the time to celebrate the success of your achievements.  Some task, adventure or challenge is complete and fully integrated. You are victorious. It is important to acknowledgement the struggles for what has been accomplished in completing the journey.

In Tarot of Empowerment a gentle and compassionate woman emerges from the confines of the world. Her passion and creativity have helped her evolve to an enlightened state of being. She has achieved her goals and reached the culmination of this part of the cycle of life. She experiences wholeness by understanding the scheme of how things work and her place in that work. The Universe surrounds her in an aurora of light.

Upright:  Some task, adventure or challenge is complete and you are victorious. A celebration is important to acknowledge what has been accomplished. When the World comes up in a reading it is time for you to celebrate your accomplishments. Know that you have done well and that you are blessed with success. The World represents enlightenment around the topic of your question.

Empowerment: You are empowered when you pause to acknowledge and celebrate that you are complete in your work before starting a new journey.

Reversed: In a reversed position this card indicates that your journey is almost, but not yet, complete.  You have a bit more to integrate within your soul. Ask your guides what more you need to know to come to the end this quest. When this card indicates a block, it suggests you may have stopped short of your goal. Pull another card for what will empower you to complete your quest.

Numerology: The number of the World is 21, which reduces to 3. In numerology 3 is about community, optimism and joy. Other cards that are 3 are Sustenance and New Perspective.