19 The Sun

The Sun Card - Tarot of Empowerment Deck

Shine with confidence
Believe the promise of success
Seize your place in the Universe
Go for it!

The Sun card represents positive energy that assures good things are here or on the horizon. Restrictions and doubts are removed, replaced with promises of success in your ventures or relationships. The illusions from the Moon have been illuminated.

The Sun is central to our place in the universe. In a like manner, it symbolizes our “self” in relation to the whole of our private universe. It triumphs in the light of each day and surrenders to the dark of night.

In Tarot of Empowerment, the Sun depicts a strong, confident woman sitting in a field of clematis, the flower representing mental beauty. The woman looks towards the sun in thanks for shining its light of confidence and courage, knowing that she is blessed by the Universe and on the correct course at this point on her journey.

Upright: When the Sun comes up in a reading, it indicates a strong yes to your question, be it the undertaking of a new adventure or the risk of a new relationship. Have confidence in your decisions and actions. Understand that your attitude in relationships is valued as enlightened, generous, and loving. The Sun allows an internal “sigh,” assuring that things are going well.

Empowerment: You are empowered by the joy the Sun brings to you. Believe and trust that the Sun will shine success on your hopes and dreams.

Reversed: Things are working out as promised, but they don’t look like you expected them to. As a card that represents a block, the reversed Sun calls on you to examine what you are creating in your life to be sure it is in your highest good.
Numerology: The Sun is number 19, which reduces to 1, the number for new beginnings and success. Other cards that have the 1 energy are Magician and Wheel of Fortune.