Ritual for Lubercalia (Valentines) for Everyone

Valentine day was hijacked by the early church from an established pagan festival called Lubercalia. The festival was to honor Lupa, said to be a she-wolf who helped nurse orphaned infants to save them from starvation. In addition to celebrating fertility the rituals were to clear the community of evil spirits. The Church decided the rituals were too violent and sexually-charged and replaced it with a celebration of a martyred romantic priest.

On this Lubercalia do this ritual to make fertile what you want to grow in your life. It could be your joy, your relationships, your business, or your health. Whatever it is, ritual can help you become more mindful of what you want to call into your life.

Write down your intention on a piece of paper using the following format:

“I plant this seed of _______________ which I intend to help nourish and grow into _______________. I ask the Divine to help guide me to making the necessary steps and to ensure that all is carried out with my highest good in mind.”

Light a candle and place it next to a small bowl of clean water. Fold the piece of paper and hold it close to your heart while you meditate or repeat your intention.

When you feel your intention has been infused in the paper, drop it into the water.

Go outside and plant the paper into the ground, cover with soil and pour the water over the top.

Let go of all your worries about how your seed will grow and give a moment of appreciation and thanks to the Universe.