Ritual for Balance

Periodically it’s time to look at the roles we have taken on in our lives. In readings, the Temperance card will often come up during those times. It is about acknowledging, honoring and balancing all aspects of who you are. This is an exercise for you to consciously explore which parts of you that may be out of balance.

Write down all of the roles you play in your life, for example, friend, son or daughter, student, employer and so forth. The roles you play are not inherently good or bad. However, the way you think about them may be in a negative or positive light.

Once you have identified all aspects of yourself, write a 1 to 3 word positive description about that role. For example, friend might have the words laughter, playfulness. The areas where you have a difficult time coming up with a positive description are probably where you need to bring balance into your life.

Draw a pie chart and divide it proportionate to the attention you currently give each role of yourself. Note if a relationship, work, or whatever, has absorbed a disproportionate piece of the pie.

Explore what roles you would like to add to your life, and what words you would use to describe that energy.

Happy exploring!