Retreat, Relax, Reflect

This October is a 7 Universal Month (computed by adding Universal year, which is 2022, to the number of the month, which is 10: 2+0+2+2+1+0=7). The energy of the 7 month is to retreat, relax, and reflect. As you may surmise, this is not a month for a lot of activity. Rather, it is a time to look inward for your connection to spirit, or the essence of life.

Questions to ask yourself this October have to do with determining if you are on the path for your life’s purpose.

Do you feel aligned with who you want to be and how you spend your time?
Is your life balanced between work and play?
Are the people in your life supportive of you?
Do you find joy in your life?

If you have doubts about how to answer any of the questions above, journal about what changes you would like to call into your life.

Use Tarot, or any other tool that appeals to you, to get direction. For example, go to the link to my deck, Tarot of Empowerment, and pull one card for each question below:

What do I need to call into my life to become more aligned with my life purpose?
What is my best course of action for bringing balance into my life?
How do I attract people who are supportive of me?
What energy do I need to call into my life to find more joy?

Use October to be honest about what you really want to manifest for yourself. Write, paint, or do any creative practice that relaxes you, opens your mind, and is gentle on your spirit.

See the article below to discover how your Personal Month energy can be used to get the most out of the Universal Month.

Your Personal Energy in October

To discover your best approach to this 7 month of “retreat,” calculate your personal month by adding your personal year (birth month + birth day+ 2022) to 10, as October is the tenth month in the calendar.

Your Personal Month indicates how you are likely to get the most benefit in your approach to a Universal 7 month of retreat and relax:

1 Personal Month: Prioritize your needs and look for ways that you can bring others on board to share your many responsibilities. Where can you delegate in order to concentrate on your needs?
2 Personal Month: Ask yourself where you need more balance in your life. Who supports you to be your best self?
3 Personal Month: Explore how you can bring more joy and fun experiences in your life. As you move forward, where do you want to test your limits?
4 Personal Month: Figure out where you want boundaries in your life. Would it be helpful to read self-help books, or get a few sessions of coaching?
5 Personal Month: Make an adventure of looking at your relationship to your spiritual connection. How can you play with your Angels and Guides to build a relationship that involves fun and exploration?
6 Personal Month: Escape from your responsibilities and concentrate on nurturing yourself. How can you make time to have a massage or a walk in the woods?
7 Personal Month: Investigate all the aspects of who you are. Who are you allowing to be in charge and how does that work with the other parts of your selves?
8 Personal Month: Survey your strengths and acknowledge that you are a unique person with your own set of skills and attributes. Have you been using those skills in ways that make you proud and are they in alignment with your values?
9 Personal Month: Decide what you need to release from your life that no longer serves you? Is it time to let go of a relationship or a job that takes more than it gives?

Let the energy of the month work with you.