Predictions and Possibilities

May is a very powerful month for manifestation and transformation. Energetically this month carries a 1 energy (May=5 and 5+2021=5+5=1) as well as a very strong 5 energy because the month and the year are both 5.

With this number combination, I predict that May is going to be a remarkably high energy month for most people. In general, new ideas and creative alternative solutions are likely to be introduced; however, the numbers suggest that we will see more ego than cooperation in presenting the ideas and solutions.

The 1 energy is about new beginnings fresh starts, individuality, and moving forward. My expectations are that new ideas will make themselves known; however, the 1 energy is generally not that of a team player unless in a leadership position. This is likely a month in which we will not see compromise as much as attempts to force ideas on others.

The 5 energy can feel a very chaotic because it represents transformation, opportunities, and change. I foresee that May will feel turbulent and possibly confused on the world stage because so many egos are pushing their agendas.

Your possibilities

As disorderly as this energy combination feels on the world stage, it is the perfect time for you to call in new possibilities that you want to create for yourself. The 1 energy is begging for you to step into your highest potential. What would your life look like if you were coming from your highest and best self? What would you NOT be doing that you are doing now?

Five is the energy of transformation, and this May is the unique time to manifest what and who you want to become! Go for it!