October Birth Stones

Since 1912 the official U.S. “modern” birthstone list has been the American National Association of Jewelers, which is used by jewlers to define the month stones. Two other lists include the mystical birthstones which are originally from Tibet and date back over a thousand years. The Ayurvedic birthstone list is the oldest, dating from 1500 B.C. in ancient India.

Opal – The brilliant flashes of the fire opal are said to inspire love, hope, innocence, purity and luck. In ancient times it was believed it embraced the virtues of all of the gemstones whose colors were reflected in the flashes. Spiritually, the opal is said to bring the full spectrum of light energy, thereby clearing and soothing the aura.

Tourmaline – Tourmaline is multicolored, most frequently from a black or blue on one end to a pink at the other end. Legends say that tourmaline journeys through the rainbow and collects the colors as it travels along a rainbow. The watermelon tourmaline displays the blue of one end and the pink of the other end of the rainbow.
Black tourmaline is considered a protective stone and believed to strengthen the body and spirit. It is also thought to inspire creativity.
The watermelon tourmaline, which is rarer, is thought to protect the heart and balance the chakras.

Mystical Jasper

Jasper is the elemental earth stone and is said to align with the electromagnetic energies of earth. The energy of jasper tends to slow one down to the rotation of the planet and to connect with the energies of the moment. It can help one connect the physical and spiritual world.

Aurvedic: Opal (see above)